Round Fitted Table Covers


Our Round Fitted Table Covers are Wrinkle-Free & Anti-Fading

If you are to showcase your brand at a trade show or exhibition, you have to be very careful about the details. The crowd is bound to judge your brand based on your attention to details. From the background to the floor and from chairs to the tables, everything needs to be perfect & should reflect your brand’s image. Unfortunately, in most trade shows & corporate events, the tables used are common folding tables that have nothing to do with the branding. Our round fitted table covers, with their corporate & professional look, can turn ordinary tables into a key factor in your campaigns.

Made with high-quality polyester fabric, our table covers are anti-fading and do not get wrinkled easily. They carry a graphic weight of 230 GSM, which ensures durability and tear-resistance. They are available in two size options with different heights that fit most of the tables - 31.5 Inch x 29 Inch & 31.5 Inch x 43 Inch.

We use dye-sublimation printing for our covers, which offers exceptional print quality and clarity. Designed excellently with vivid hues using full color 1440 DPI, the colors of our table covers are fade-resistant.

To keep the tablecloth in place, there are pockets that can be tugged/locked underneath each leg of the table. With a round fitted tablecloth, it eliminates the need for pins or clips. Easy to clean, our covers can be washed by hand or in a washing machine. We recommend using a mild detergent to ensure added protection.

Personalize your Fitted Table Covers with Our Easy-To-Use-Design Tool

Committed to providing high-quality bespoke fitted table covers, we use cutting-edge technology, premium fabric, & offer personalization to our customers. We specialize in creating a wide choice of custom table covers that are tailored to your brands’ specific needs and preferences. These can be fun and cost-effective at the same time, allowing you a unique way to promote your brand during trade shows.

Regardless of your design preferences, our pre-designed templates will leave everyone awestruck. You can use our creative ideas or pick from our templates to add your own touch to your brand’s promotion. You can take the assistance of our brilliant designers as well if you have a different idea for your event.

Custom Table Covers Available on Bulk Quantity Discounts

Our custom table covers offer a unique way to promote your brand with its sleek and professional look. If you are looking to promote your brand without spending a hefty amount, you have come to the right place. We offer special discounts on orders ranging from 2-100 and above. The discount may vary depending on your final purchased quantities.