Candle Labels

Candle Labels

  • High-quality candle labels of 70lb matte or gloss finish.
  • Choose from various pre-existing templates or create your own.
  • Surface compatible with permanent markers and ballpoint pens.
  • Comes with a permanent adhesive back with longer durability.

High-Quality and Attractive Candle Labels

Candles are often used as promotional products and are even given as freebies to customers. These make for great props to promote your business and keep it at the top of your customers' minds. To ensure this lasting and memorable impact, you need eye-catching candle labels that are tailored to your brand's theme and design.

These candle labels are made of high-quality 70lb matte or glossy paper stickers. They last a long time and serve as an attractive way to promote your brand to visitors and its existing customers.

They come with an adhesive back, which makes them easy to stick on the surface. This further adds to the product's durability, thereby spicing up what might otherwise be a simple candle in a jar.

You can also customize these candle labels based on your brand's theme and design language. You can choose from various sizes, finishes, and specific designs to truly personalize them for your brand's needs.

Buy Candle Labels with an Adhesive Back for Better Durability

Our candle labels come with an adhesive back that makes them very easy to stick on the surface. Ensure that the surface is clean and dry so the label sticks properly to the candle.

This adds to the product's durability as they stay glued to the surface for a long time and don't wear out easily.

Customizable Candle Labels

You can customize our candle labels to suit your brand's design and theme. This allows for greater consistency across your entire range of products and makes your candles more attractive. You can choose from different sizes, two finishes (gloss and matte), and also whether you want them to be printed only on the front or on both sides.

If you buy candles labels in large quantities, you will be able to save more on your order. This offers immense value for money for brands looking to produce and sell larger batches of candles.