Custom Visor Hat

Custom Visor Hat


Top Off Your Look with Unisex Cotton Custom Visor Hat

  • Great fit for most head sizes.
  • 100% cotton unisex caps are long-lasting.
  • Hats can be personalized as per your choice.
  • Suitable for sports, outdoors, party.
  • Easily adjustable with hook and loop velcro.

Pure Cotton Visor Hats Helps You Stay Cool for Hours Under the Sun

Custom visor hats make a cute accessory for your bridesmaids and the bride to be to wear during the beach or pool bachelorette party! On a vacation day, if the sun is shining bright in the sky, it can be difficult to see anything unless you’re facing away. However, with a visor hat you won’t miss a single second of watching the waves roll in or children flying kites with your improved visibility.

The unisex sun visor hats protect the face from sunlight as a regular cap or hat do, but being crownless allows for greater airflow to cool the head, making it very useful for sports like tennis and golf. Visors have been in fashion for a long time. It had faded away from mainstream fashion a while ago, but is back with all popularity and style.

Visor Caps are made from superior 100% cotton twill fabric, that keeps you dry and comfortable as you work out. After long-distance running, the fabric can quickly absorb sweat and dry quickly, avoiding the pain of sweat flowing into the eyes.

The super wide and oversized brim of the empty top hat can cover the entire face, and can adjust the brim up and down according to needs. The empty top hat has better ventilation effect, and the part that touches the human body can also provide comfortable air circulation.

Choose Your Unisex Visor Hats with the Color That Match Your Style

Tennis Visors are available in 3 vibrant colors including black, blue and orange to match with all your outfits. This sports visor cap with a wide brim is ideal for the beach, exercising, gardening, shopping or simply protecting yourself from the sun in style. Its appearance is very sporty and stylish, suitable for people of all ages.

For personalizing, we have a large selection of trendy pre-designed templates on our website to choose from. Pick a color you love and get your favorite logo or text embroidered on it with us. Embroidery is available in 6 different threads in a printing area of 4 x 1 Inches (W X H). You can also personalize our sun visor hats online using our user-friendly design studio.

Custom Visor Hats Fits Great for Most Head Sizes

Our sun visor hats come with an adjustable headband with hook and loop velcro. Visors allow for more hairstyle options when exercising. Men and women golf hats made of 100% cotton twill are simple to spot clean and machine wash. On your twill caps, a quick steam or a slow tumble dry is sufficient to remove wrinkles.