Promote your Brand Presence with Placemats

Table Placemats are Customizable, Writable, and High Quality

For your business to grow, it's important to gain the attention of the audience and leave an impact on them. Smart advertising helps you build a positive reputation and reach out to customers in ways that traditional tactics can't. Our personalized placemats are ideal to help you advertise and promote your brand if you are in the foodservice industry.

We use high-quality printing technology to create vibrant and sharp prints on the custom paper placemats. The level of quality leaves a lasting impact on your customers, assisting you in establishing your brand.

Using our customization options, personalize the restaurant placemats to meet your needs. Choose from three different sizes and whether you want prints on the front only or both sides. For aesthetics, you can pick between sharp and rounded corners. Upload your own artwork. You can also include detailed instructions to assist us in customizing the placemats to your brand's specifications.

The uncoated surface of our table placemats allows you to write on them with normal ink pens. You can write anything on the mats to drive home your message and pique the interest of your clients.

Custom Paper Placemats are Eco-Friendly and Available in Bulk

Our personalized placemats are made from paper that comes from sustainable sources. These coasters will help you reduce your emissions while also assisting your brand in fulfilling its social duties.

You can order in packs of 100 to 5000 to help you fulfill the unique requirements of your company, regardless of its size. Bulk ordering ensures that you'll have enough restaurant placemats to promote your business.

Personalize Your Order for Placemats

Custom paper placemats are easy to buy. We provide several shipping choices, including doorstep delivery, based on your budget and the urgency with which you require delivery. These alternatives ensure that your order arrives on time, allowing you to maximize your marketing outcomes.

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