Boat Lettering

Boat Lettering


Give your boat a facelift with custom boat lettering.

  • Can withstand consistent exposure to water, UV rays, and other elements
  • Made with high-quality colored opaque vinyl 
  • Pre-spaced & pre-masked lettering for easy installation

Add a Branding Touch to Your Boat/Yacht With a Custom Boat Lettering 

Own a yacht or boat for business or personal needs? Add some fun to it with beautifully designed vinyl boat lettering. Give it a personalized touch, promote your business logo, or simply name it before setting off on a trip. These boat stickers will not just add a decorative element to your vehicle but also reinforce your ownership of it. Use your business logo, brand name, or contact information to promote your business services and increase your footprint wherever you travel. 

Lettering is popularly used in the form of custom boat names, registration numbers, and hailing port information. You can promote all this and more with a personal touch of simple or complex designs. Here at BannerBuzz, we offer you everything from decals to letters & numbers to meet your boat naming needs. Whether it's a boat, a yacht, or any other water vehicle, personalizing it is a great way to showcase your creativity. Our signs & decals can help you achieve that effortlessly.

Why BannerBuzz Boat Lettering?

To begin naming a few perks of ordering with us, our boat letters & numbers comes with the best price guarantee. So, be rest assured that you would not have to pay an extra dollar to get your job done. Besides, we offer customized services based on your exact needs. From our free design tool to numerous design templates, we take pride in extending the best of custom signage printing experience to make your online ordering convenient and worth coming back for. Above all, our high-quality guarantee ensures that every sign & decal, including our boat letters, numbers, and graphics will last for years. So, you have every reason to exemplify the beauty of your boat/yacht/ship with our vinyl lettering. Add personality with beautifully designed and professionally printed graphics that are both stylish and attractive.

Here’s listing below some of the additional services that we offer:

  • Free shipping
  • Warranty Period
  • Free consultation advice and guidance from design experts, if required.
  • Diligent customer service for convenience

Boat Vinyl Lettering- Features & Benefits!

These fantastic features come with all of our custom vinyl boat numbers and letters, graphics, and decals:

  • Completely waterproof boat vinyl lettering.
  • Self-adhesive letters that are easy to apply on the surface of a boat or any other water vehicle.
  • The lettering is available in a pre-spaced format.
  • The vinyl letters have a pre-masked format which assists in easy installation.
  • Pre-colored, vibrant, and premium-quality PVC letter material used.
  • The thickness of these vinyl letters measures up to 120 microns, which adds on to the durability factor.
  • Custom lettering and graphic colors can be selected from a single color or multi-color range of colors. 

For any further product details, please check out our product specifications tab. For any special design and printing orders, please contact us at 800-580-4489 and we’ll take care of your vinyl boat lettering queries within no time. Let’s get started with your order!

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Boat Vinyl Lettering: Frequently Asked Questions

What are custom decals for boats? 

Boat decals that can be customized as per your preferences with respect to design, size, colors, etc. are called custom boat decals. They can be in the form of lettering, flash cut, or die-cut decals. Whatever style or type you choose, they are usually made from highly adhesive vinyl, which is long-lasting, water, and weather resistant.

How is boat lettering different from boat decals?

The biggest feature that sets apart lettering from decals is that lettering is directly cut from solid color vinyl sheet whereas decals are printed directly on highly adhesive vinyl material. Decals are not made from the individually cut pieces in the form of letters or numbers. They are printed in flash-cut or die-cut form using images, text, or graphics.

How do I install my boat lettering?

Follow these 6 quick steps to install your boat lettering:

  1. Clean the surface and dry it well.
  2. Secure the vinyl lettering on the surface using small pieces of tape. Ensure at this step that the lettering is positioned correctly right at the spot where you want to install it.
  3. Apply a long piece of tape across the top of the lettering to use it as a hinge. This will ensure that you don’t lose its placement when the backing is removed.
  4. Using the previously applied tape at the top, turn the lettering up to remove the backing from the vinyl application tape.
  5. Keeping the lettering in place, start applying pressure on to the top of it using a squeegee or a flat object like your plastic card. Work from the center towards the outer edges forcing the air out from beneath the lettering. 
  6. Gently peel the transfer tape away keeping your hand firmly on the lettering to prevent pulling it back up. Squeegee out any remaining bubbles and you are done!

How do I select the height for my boat lettering?

Boat letters should be at least 3 inches in height. You can choose a bigger size depending upon your boat size. Preferably the letters should be cut in block letters style. However, it is advisable to verify your local regulations before selecting the height and style of lettering for your boat.

What are boat letterings used for?

You can use boat letterings for displaying boat registration numbers, hailing port identification, boat name, advertising, and decoration purposes.

Is vinyl lettering completely waterproof?

Vinyl as a material is water-resistant and it can be further treated to make it more resistant to water and UV rays. At BannerBuzz, we offer vinyl decals and boat letterings that are completely waterproof and resistant to a lot of external elements like moisture, UV rays, etc. However, it is advisable to not keep any kind of vinyl lettering submerged in water for extended periods of time. The higher the lettering or decals are installed from the waterline, the longer they will last.