Garden Flags

Garden Flags


An easy & inexpensive solution for garden advertising and decoration!

  • Choice of single/double-sided sublimation printing
  • Includes iron pole flag stand
  • High-quality 90gsm knit polyester fabric
  • Very easy to set-up

Garden Flags- Decorative and Advertising at the Same Time!

Are you searching for a beautiful and unique way to make your outdoor space attractive? If you are, look no further than our garden flags. Add an interactive element to your yard with a decorative flag. You can use it to advertise something or add an interactive element to your lawn area. Be it a restaurant outdoor seating place or your private firepit area; these lawn flags will add life to any dull space. These easy to install flags can be inserted into the ground or potted in the plants. There are many design templates to choose from. Get as creative as you can with our online design tool and design custom advertising flags for your garden in minutes. 

A few advantages of garden flags over other flags:

  1. Being very portable, these flag poles and stands can be easily moved from one place to the other within the yard.  
  2. They are very easy to store and maintain
  3. They can be used for decorative purposes or branding/advertising
  4. Garden flags make for great gifts. Consider getting them designed as country flags or get them personalized with a special message and images, or for holiday greetings
  5. Seasonal flags like spring and summer garden flags can add an element of beauty and liveliness to your lawn

Apart from these perks, you can design and order a custom printed flag for your garden based on your personal needs. To customize, start by choosing the size, quantity, and printing options. Personalizing it is equally easy via the upload artwork and online design tool options. BannerBuzz free design tool assists you in designing personalized signs in no time and for free. There are many free design proofs to get you inspired and started. 

Why must you not miss ordering online garden flags at BannerBuzz?

There is a lot you can do via our printed flags. Some of the perks are listed below for your reference:

  • Gain exposure by printing your message on both sides of the flag.
  • High-resolution digital printing to create a lasting impact on others.
  • Superior quality and durable material to last for several years.
  • Capable of automatically garnering people's attention.
  • Increase your outdoor space's usability.
  • Celebrate Important Occasions with a unique touch of flag decoration.
  • Announce offers, happy hours, promotions, and sales for your business.

Lawn flags are always a good idea and ordering them here will save you time, money, and effort. 100% quality, best price guarantee, quick turnaround time, and doorstep delivery are some of the BannerBuzz benefits that come handy with your online orders. Plus, now the FREE SHIPPING on all orders too! Make the most of our free shipping offer till it lasts. Let’s get started with your order!

Garden Flags: Frequently Asked Questions:

Where can I buy garden flags?

Flags are one such advertising tool that never fails to attract. And Garden flags are one of its most popular variants. These flags are easily available online at custom flag manufacturing sites. With an increasing number of online flag printing manufacturers, you will be left spoilt for choices of designs and materials. However, consider multiple factors before buying a garden flag, like it’s fabric’s resistance to outdoor elements, single/double-sided printing, type of flag printing used- dye sublimation, custom designing options, etc. We at BannerBuzz also manufacture high-quality custom flags for gardens/yards that are constructed of 110 GSM Knitted Flag Fabric and printed via sublimation printing. You can buy them here at a very competitive price and pair it up with a premium-quality flag pole as well. For custom designing, you can use the upload artwork option or our free design tool that comes equipped with tons of free flag design templates. 

How should I hang my garden flag?

The best way to hang a garden flag is by using a flag pole, also known as a flag holder or stand. Push the feet of the pole into the garden pots or ground as per your needs. Make sure that you push it until the stand legs are completely submerged into the soil. It will ensure that your stand stays upright even under extreme weather conditions like winds or rain. The installation of the pole takes just a few seconds. Once your flag holder is set-up, take the flag and start looping it into the horizontal arm of the pole stand. Keep scrunching it until the entire flag is looped in. Many poles come with rubber stoppers that are used to secure the flag fabric.

Pro Tips: 

  1. Make sure that your flag hardware is sturdy, preferably iron.
  2. Ensure that the pole is completely rust-free and dirt-free before hanging your flag to prevent it from any damage

What is the best size of a garden flag?

The most common and preferred garden flag size is 12"x 18". This is the best size concerning compactness, ease of changing the flag graphics, effectiveness, and its capability to be used almost anywhere in the garden. 

What type of flag pole do I need for my garden flag?

Go for a ground pole for your garden flag. These poles have sturdy legs that are made to be inserted into the ground. Make sure to check the hardware material to ensure that it’s made from weather-resistant material. Opting for a garden flag means you are trying to advertise your flag outdoors. And to be able to hold your flag well outdoors, the hardware must be designed to tackle outdoor elements too. You can also check out our high-quality iron poles that are specially designed for outdoor use.

How do I clean my garden flag?

It is crucial to clean the dirt and dust off your garden flag every day to keep it looking fresh. You can dust it off using a soft dry cloth. Regular and right washing of your flag will also keep it looking vibrant and fresh. For washing, please ensure to only hand-wash it. Avoid machine-washing because it can result in faded colors and accelerate the damage on the fabric. Hand washing it softly using a mild detergent and cold water is the best way. Also, refrain from ironing it until and unless extremely necessary. And when you do that, use light-heated iron on the opposite side of the print. Also, in instances of inclement weather like a hailstorm, heavy rains, etc., consider removing your flag from the yard/garden. Taking preventive steps in advance will save your flag from damage.