Wind Resistant Sidewalk Sign


Unyielding Design and Advanced Materials: Wind Resistant Sidewalk Sign

Embrace the pinnacle of outdoor marketing with our Wind Resistant Sidewalk Sign. This masterpiece of engineering is crafted from superior white molded plastic, guaranteeing durability and resilience. Measuring an impressive 48"x26", the frame is specifically designed to withstand challenging outdoor conditions. With a weight of only 17 lbs, it offers the option to add sand ballast for enhanced stability, making it an unshakeable presence even in windy scenarios.

This sign, boasting up to 5 years of outdoor usability, is the epitome of enduring outdoor advertising and durable signage. Its weatherproof qualities render it perfect for any retail display or promotional sign, ready to face the elements head-on.

Customization Excellence and Vibrant Display

Transform our Windsign into a unique beacon for your brand. It features two 4mm Coroplast panels, each 36"x24", allowing for a dynamic double-sided display. These panels are primed for high-quality Full Color Digital UV printing, ensuring your message is vivid and eye-catching. Adding to the customization possibilities is the option to incorporate Pantone Matching System (PMS), giving you the power to match your brand's specific palette. Whether you select from our professional templates or upload a bespoke design, this portable signboard molds to your creative vision. The simplicity of the slide-in panel mechanism makes updating your message as easy as a breeze, ideal for any business signage requirement.

Simple Installation and Versatile Utility

Envision a signboard that combines effortless setup with impactful presence. Our Wind Resistant Sidewalk Sign delivers precisely this. Its assembly is uncomplicated - attach the frame to the base, and it's ready to go. Mobility is a key feature, thanks to a convenient top handle and wheeled base, allowing for easy relocation to maximize business exposure.

Imagine this sign outside your café, store, or at an outdoor event, standing as a bold statement of your brand. The sturdy Signicade Frame not only adds to its longevity but ensures your message remains prominent in all weather conditions. This sign is more than a marketing tool; it's a versatile partner in elevating your visibility and engaging customers across various environments.