Custom Star Tent


Buy Firmly Anchored Custom Star Tents with Anti-Slide Pole Base

Launching a new product? A Printed Sky Tent/Printed Star Tent can serve as a captivating space for meetings, networking, or relaxation, providing a comfortable and stylish environment for engaging with clients, partners, and attendees. The digitally printed 600 Denier polyester top boasts fire retardant and water-resistant properties. Diverse dimensions, ranging from 20’ to 52’, are offered for custom star tents, catering to a range of shaded areas.

Resilient Fabric Composition: Crafted from premium 600 Denier polyester fabric, the sky tent is designed to withstand the elements while maintaining its structural integrity. The high-quality fabric ensures a robust and durable canopy that stands up to outdoor conditions, ensuring your event remains undisturbed.

UV and Water Resistance: The fabric used in our sky tent boasts remarkable UV and water resistance. This means that your tent's colors and material won't fade or degrade when exposed to the sun's powerful rays or when faced with unexpected rain showers. You can confidently set up your tent knowing it's built to endure various weather conditions.

Fire Retardant Assurance: Safety is paramount, and that's why our sky tent's fabric is engineered with fire retardant properties. This crucial feature ensures an added layer of protection, giving you peace of mind while you and your guests enjoy the event under the tent's shelter. Safety doesn't have to compromise style and functionality.

Vivid Branding through Dye Sublimation: With our cutting-edge dye sublimation printing technology, your branding and designs come to life in stunning vividness. This technique infuses the ink directly into the fabric, creating eye-catching visuals that are fade-resistant and long-lasting. Whether it's your logo, graphics, or intricate designs, they will pop with unparalleled clarity, leaving a lasting impression on all who see the custom printed sky tent.

Rust-Resistant Aluminum Pole: The strong anodized aluminum pole is built to last, staying free from corrosion. It's lightweight, making setup easy, and its tough design ensures it'll stand strong event after event. Your Sky Tent will be a reliable partner for all your occasions.

Easy Setup with Crank Shaft Technology: Setting up your sky tent is a breeze with our smart crank shaft technology. Slide the pole under the canopy smoothly, and with a simple turn of the crank, adjust the pole's height just the way you want it. It's super easy, making the setup process hassle-free and quick.

Secured Pole Base: Enjoy your event with peace of mind. Our anti-slide pole base keeps your tent secure on the ground, so you won't have to worry about the pole moving around. This stability lets you focus on what's important – making memories – without distractions.

Multiple Sizes: Choose from a range of options: 20 ft x 13 ft, 26 ft x 17 ft, 40 ft x 20 ft, and 52 ft x 20 ft. No matter the size of your venue or the scale of your occasion, you can find the perfect fit that complements your event's aesthetics and accommodates your guests comfortably.

Safe for Kids: Inflatable furniture, crafted from gentle materials, provides a child-friendly environment by minimizing the likelihood of knocks and scrapes often linked with conventional furniture.

VIP or Hospitality Areas: Elevate the experience for VIP guests or clients by using a branded sky tent for exclusive hospitality areas. This adds an element of luxury and distinction to your brand image.

Custom Printed Sky Tent with Enhanced Accessories, and 5 Openings for Long-Lasting Enjoyment

Stake Kit & Bag Provided: Your sky tent experience can be further enriched with an array of accessories included. A professional stake kit and stakes puller ensure effortless setup and dismantling, while the transport bag simplifies transportation, making the Sky Tent your ultimate event companion.

Features 5 Openings: The ingenious design featuring five openings serve as convenient access points to your sheltered space, allowing guests to enter and exit seamlessly from various sides. Whether you're creating distinct event zones or maximizing traffic flow, the five openings provide an adaptable layout to suit your unique needs.

Easy to Maintain Printed Sky Tents Create a Branded Lounge Area

Easy to Maintain: Maintain the vibrancy of your fabric for years to come. For lasting color brilliance, we recommend dry cleaning your tops and flags. Alternatively, for spot cleaning, a pressure washer on low with mild soap and water will do the trick – ensuring your Sky Tent remains as stunning as the day you acquired it.

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