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Wood Letters & Numbers

Crafted Wood Letters and Numbers for Your Home or Business

Durable Custom Letters and Numbers Add Uniqueness to Your Space

Looking for a bold way to incorporate words or digits into your decor? We offer a durable solution with wood-crafted letters and numbers. These characters are unique, making them perfect for product launch set-ups, company address plates, or business logos. Our custom wood letters and numbers blend in with your interior design and preference. In addition, they're reasonably dense and straight-grained, hence their warp resistant and able to withstand tough conditions. Some options come with a polyurethane coat for added protection.

Easy-to-Use Customizable Wood Letters and Numbers

The craftsmanship of our products adds a playful yet classy touch to your space. Choose from our collection of pine, teak, and MDF letters and numbers to match the overall feel of your interior. Teak and pine wood numbers and letters come unfinished or polished, while MDF is available unpainted or painted with either Deco or PU Paint in a range of 23 colors. You can even select your preferred font, from the formal Bookman Old Style to the kid-friendly Abscissa. Set-up is easy with your own mounting hardware, or you can request studs with your order. Opt for paper templates that serve as your guide for correct spacing between each piece.

Custom Wood Letters in Various Sizes

These accessories come in various sizes and thicknesses to suit your purpose, whether for decoration or function. Choose 6-inch letters and numbers to decorate your kids' room with their names. Or, how about 3-foot-tall words that read your company's name for your office lobby? With their amazing look and premium materials, these decor pieces are truly a worthy investment. If you have extensive property and need multiple wood-crafted letters and numbers, we have you sorted.

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