Economy EZ Extend Fabric Display Stand


Sturdy Economy EZ Extend Fabric Display Stands Save Time and Space

Big, innovative, and commanding in appearance, Economy EZ Extend Fabric Display Stands are an excellent choice for any business. Grab everyone's eye with this simple aluminum frame decked out with breathtaking creative designs. Designed to provide the utmost ease for customers, these stands are simple to install at any public event. They come with sturdy anodized aluminum poles that can be joined together to make larger frame structures. The graphic is a 230 GSM polyester fabric that is placed over the tubular frame like a pillowcase, giving the display a polished and professional appearance. The EZ Extend banner stands are available in a variety of sizes, and both single- and double-sided printing are possible. Being so lightweight makes it much less of a hassle to have it transferred from one location to another. When all other possibilities are tallied, our durable fabric display stands are the pinnacle!