• Skyhooks



Installing with the use of Skyhooks

  • A very inexpensive yet highly effective system to attach your P.O.P. to any glass or smooth surface
  • The clear cups are difficult to see and have incredible holding strength
  • Choose from large 3'' cups for larger displays like banners, or smaller 2'' cups for posters
  • Simple knob and stud fastening system makes Skyhooks versatile for any media!

At BannerBuzz, we have a variety of banner and sign hanging hardware in stock. Our skyhooks feature simple knobs and steadfast fastening systems that make them extremely versatile for any media. Order them in bulk for a tradeshow or office event and ensure your banners remain in the limelight. Best for both indoor and outdoor use, skyhooks are used to attach banners or any poster to glass or any non-porous surface. Each is equipped with studs and attractive knobs that can be easily attached to almost any surface. The clear cups virtually disappear when they clamp onto glass thus ensuring your banner remains front and center.

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