5 Keys to Excelling at Expos

While the digital world is taking over advertising and marketing, the charm of meeting and wooing prospects in person will never go out of style. The experience of being present, in the moment taking in all the action is quite different than sitting in front of a glass screen. This explains the enduring popularity of conventions, expos, and trade shows.

Most likely, we will see these traditional marketing and sales powerhouses make a vibrant resurgence once we return to full-fledged normalcy. The reason is simple: humans crave a personal touch, especially in business transactions. There are some things that simply must be done in person. 

When the time comes to set up your booth or stall at the next big expo, the following tricks will assist in turning your expo experience into a rousing success.

Industry Secret #1: Prepare, Prepare, Prepare

With expos and tradeshows are set to make a massive comeback, rather than putting off preparations for later it’s time to get working on your planning as soon as possible. Evaluate the venue, choose a prime location and appropriate size for your booth, and research past expos to learn as much as you can about what works and what doesn’t.

Once you know your booth dimensions, design custom banners and have them shipped before the imminent rush. Obtain your canopies and the hardware to set it up as well as any other accessories you’ll need. In the unfortunate event that you have to obtain last-minute marketing material for something you forgot, choose same-day shipping to meet your needs. By planning now you’ll cruise through the process before it gets too difficult.

Industry Secret #2: Establish a Strong Online Presence

Even when you meet prospects in person, rest assured that they will be looking you up online. Incorporate your website and social media handles into all of your expo collateral as well as your business cards to make it easier for them to locate you.

Even before the event begins, however, you need to establish an online presence that inspires trust as well as asserts and supports your claim as an industry leader. You can do it by optimizing your website, social media handles, and any other platforms where your company is present. Don’t have an SEO department? Hire a consultant. Don’t let a budget line item concern stop you here. This step is absolutely crucial. Update all your contact details and liven it up with rich design elements and media. Nobody wants to look at a plain, blocky website that hasn’t been updated in years – if they can even find it.

While you’re at it, offer value to the online visitors in the form of engaging content, meaningful interactions, industry insights, etc., and give them incentive to stop by your booth. It will improve your chances of converting in your booth as well as with the leads that you gather.

Industry Secret #3: Blend Old-School Tricks With Modernity

Expos are a melting pot of demographics. As such, some individuals will prefer receiving brochures and business cards. Others would rather bookmark your website on their devices before moving forward. Similarly, you will have doe-eyed entrepreneurs waiting to try out their elevator pitches and seasoned veterans who have been in the industry for decades.

Bear such preferences in mind while preparing for the event. Ultimately, your primary goal should be to have something readily available for every prospect so that you and your business can be accessed through any and all communication channels.

Industry Secret #4: Goodie Bags and Souvenirs

Swag Bags or Goodie Bags are the quickest way to establish a lasting presence in the minds of your prospects. It can elevate your brand in multiple ways. For instance, conversion rates increase from 55% to 85% when a business hands out promotional goods. About 71% of trade show attendees who receive branded swag bags remember a company even after the conclusion of the event.

When the stakes are this high, it can be an overwhelming task to curate a souvenir bag that is valuable and attractive. Get expert guidance or allow a consultant to take over this mammoth task and save you time and effort while delivering to your highest expectations and beyond.

Industry Secret #5: Make Solid First Impressions

Lure your prospects using step and repeat banners ancanopies to create a buzz around your brand before your visitors have even stepped inside your booth. Leaving an impression of your logo and branding in the viewer’s minds will allow them to recognize you instantly – even in a crowd.

You can also use custom banners to decorate your stall and make it stand apart. Who knows? The photos people take in front of your press wall may become a part of their fondest memories garnering you long-term publicity.

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