Small Business Solutions: 5 Event Marketing Products Every Pop Up Shop Needs To Generate Buzz and Explore Different Ideas

Pop-up shops are temporary retail, restaurant, or similar spaces that offer brands an excellent opportunity to sell their products in a unique environment that’s completely designed and controlled by them.

Being temporary and low-cost, businesses can make use of pop ups for multiple purposes, such as conducting events that promote their brand, launching mobile marketing campaigns, and/or spreading awareness about their product/services. They allow businesses to explore different ideas, generate buzz, and introduce their respective brands to new audiences.

What It Takes

Although the pop-up shop industry is quite massive, to be successful they need to attract customers. While social media is an excellent way to promote your pop up event, the importance of attractive displays and other event marketing products that draw in prospective customers cannot be emphasized enough.

The most useful event marketing products ensure the success of your pop-up shops by combining utility and marketing power.

Custom Canopy Tents


Custom canopy tents are an excellent event marketing product option for pop-up shops. These custom displays can be especially useful in the warmer months, as they offer enough shade to sell everything from clothing, general merchandise, and books to exciting trinkets, food, and services such as massages. 

They are also an excellent way to introduce people to your brand and get them excited about your products/services. People interested in your business can interact with you directly, inquiring all about your brand and what you do, converting your appealing branded canopy tent into a sale for your business.

*Note: no custom canopy tent can be adequately secured without first being set up appropriately. To avoid any kind of safety concerns, it’s best to learn how the tent is supposed to be set up. Also, make sure to prioritize quality when it comes to your custom canopy tent. It’s best to go with weather-resistant vinyl fabrics and high-quality materials such as aluminum or steel-coated frames.

Feather Flags

Feather flags are yet another popular promotional product for event marketing that helps draw the attention of visitors not only to pop-up shops but events and storefronts as well. Named for their feather-like structure, these flags are specifically designed to display short messages and logos to foot and street traffic.

The most effective way to leverage feather flags is using them to inform customers of pop-up shop openings, advertise specific products, services or promotions, and simply welcome new audiences/customers/visitors. When placed in f high-traffic areas, a feather flag can be a great way to grab the attention of passersby and draw in potential customers.

Custom Table Covers

Whether you’re setting up your pop-up shop for a trade show, a charity, faire, or any other promotional event, stretch table covers are an excellent choice to add visibility to your booth. Also known as throws or runners, custom table covers are table coverings that are primarily used to promote your business at a variety of events. Reusable and visually dynamic, they turn drab tables into fab tables.

Carrying your business’s logo, graphics, and messaging, these table covers work best when they’re durable, made from lightweight and wrinkle-resistant fabrics. A sturdy and well-designed stretch table cover can make your pop up shops appear more professional and polished. It also adds another touchpoint in your efforts to create a clear picture of your brand in the mind of consumers.

Promotional Items

Whether you set up shop at a retail location, trade show, conference, community event, festival, or networking event, promotional items and giveaways are a great way to create a lasting impression on both existing and prospective customers. In fact, 83% of consumers are likely to make a purchase from a company who gave them a promotional product. 

It doesn’t end there. When you provide giveaways, 9 in 10 people will recall your company’s name or logo because of those promotional items. Once they receive them, 79% of consumers will research your brand, and 72% will associate the quality of that free product with the reputation of your company.

What You See Is What You Get

Some of the most effective promotional items that will help you stand out and connect with your consumers include beauty products such as face masks, lip balms, and nail polish kits, t-shirts/hooded sweatshirts, tie-dyed shirts, travel bags, mugs, speakers, desk-friendly plant kits, selfie accessories, and hygiene accessories such as UV phone sanitizers or mini desk vacuums.

Banner Stand

Pop-up banner stands are among the most common and popular styles of event marketing displays, designed to make your presence felt at conferences, trade shows, exhibitions, or in-store events. If used effectively, they not only have a huge impact on your marketing needs, but also act as a great tool for giving prospects a brief insight into the product/service that your business may offer.

Based on what your banner is advertising, make sure to display it at key positions in order to get your business noticed. Also, it’s important not to cram too much information on the display and use an appropriate image or graphic that supports the text as well as acts as the reference point as to what the banner is all about. Additionally, consider the location of the banner stand carefully to ensure that your intended audience can see it effortlessly.

Different event marketing products, especially signage, can help you easily catch the attention of passersby and prospective customers. This makes it crucial to invest in products such as custom table covers, canopy tents, banner stands, and other promotional items.


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