5 Ways to Remove Wrinkles From Your Vinyl Banners to Make Them Your Preferred Choice of Signage to Make a Good First Impression

Vinyl banners are impactful advertising tools you can use to share your message with your audience and enhance the visibility of your business. The ability to fully customize your banner makes them the preferred choice for custom signage. 

However, wrinkled or creased vinyl banners can look very unprofessional, especially for brands looking to entice new prospects and make a good first impression. Wondering how to remove wrinkles from your vinyl banners and keep them crease-free? 

Read on for the most effective ways to keep wrinkles and creases away from your banners.

Hang the Banner in Direct Sunlight

Removing wrinkles and creases from custom vinyl banners can be achieved in a few simple steps. The easiest way to remove wrinkles and creases from your vinyl banner is by hanging it out in direct sunlight. Natural heat from the sun is the most effective way to smooth out the banner’s folds. 

You could also attach weights at the end of the banner from the grommets and the wrinkles and creases usually come out easily. The total amount of time it takes to do so will primarily depend on how wrinkled or creased the banner currently is but the process usually takes less than a day.

Thoroughly Clean Materials

One of the other ways to remove wrinkles from your vinyl and cloth banners is by cleaning them thoroughly and letting them dry. Wrinkles mostly show up when the banner is kept in storage for a while or incorrectly installed, which can lead to unsightly fold lines. 

To get rid of these lines and wrinkles, gently remove your vinyl banner from its packaging or storage and lay it flat, outside in the sun. Then, take a soft, wet cleaning cloth and slowly wipe it across the vinyl to clear the material of any kind of dust or dirt. Do not use abrasive towels, cloths, or cleaning pads. Once done, dry the vinyl with another soft cloth. This process will thoroughly clean the material and help smooth out any wrinkles or creases.

Use a Hair Dryer Indoors

This next method removes wrinkles from your banners and also your window signs. All you have to do is gently heat the non-printed surface of the banner or decal with a hairdryer, keeping the setting as low as possible to reduce the chance of damage from too much heat or pressure. For the best results, make sure to avoid direct heat on the surface of the banner and don’t press it with a hot iron, as it can ruin your vinyl banner. 

Use back and forth motions to gently flatten all the wrinkles, then hang or place the banner on a smooth, flat surface. This method will prevent wrinkles and creases from forming and also prevents surface damage to your custom signage. 

Use an Iron Carefully

To remove wrinkles from your vinyl banners, you could also use an iron. Simply place a hot, wet cloth on top of your banner and slowly iron out the creases and wrinkles.

However, you need to be extra careful here and set the iron to a low temperature. Vinyl can burn easily, so you need to make sure that the iron never comes into direct contact with the banner’s surface. Test the iron on a piece of cloth before using it on your vinyl banner to make sure the setting isn’t too high. 

Use Proper Storage Techniques

The most common causes of wrinkles and creases on your custom vinyl banners are poor storage and improper installation. Therefore, proper storage techniques are an effective way to keep wrinkles from showing up on your vinyl banners.

Instead of simply folding and stashing your banners and backdrops after an event, roll them up neatly so that they may remain wrinkle-free for any amount of time. Make sure that when your banner is rolled in a container, avoid placing heavier items on top of the materials. This process ensures that the vinyl isn’t flattened in a way that can lead to creases. 

Additional Considerations

Also, it’s important to keep your vinyl banners away from any furnace or heating vent. Ideally, you should store your custom vinyl banners and advertising tools in a cool and dry place, such as an attic, climate-controlled storage facility or a garage. Keeping your products in their original packaging will help you easily locate items and help protect the material from the elements.

Vinyl banners and custom backdrops are quite popular these days for advertising due to their ease of use and affordability. However, to get the maximum value out of these products, you need to keep them wrinkle and crease-free. Use these tips to remove those unsightly wrinkles from your vinyl banners so you can present your brand in the best possible way for many events to come.

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