7 Reasons Why You Should Invest in Window Graphics

In the retail world, window graphics are some of the most efficient and cost-effective ways to advertise your business. Thanks to their innovative design, quality content, and appealing artwork, window graphics complement the products sold by your business and add a polished touch to your space. 

Endless Potential

Store owners have begun investing in window graphics to reach out to potential customers and attract passersby. A large and vibrant window graphic placed on a primary location in your store can bring in potential customers. 

Advertising Facts & Stats

Window graphics are cost-effective and impactful promotional tools as they provide information about limited-time offers and special deals to passerby. If you are selling a product that offers better specifications than the competition, window graphics can deliver that information to onlookers. 

Window graphics are an attractive means to convey marketing facts about the capabilities of a newly-launched product. You can also place window decals throughout your business premises to leverage even more promotions. 

Optimize Your OOH 

Out of Home advertising (OOH) is a form of advertising found outdoors. These include billboards, posters, bus sides and bus stops, benches, and many more. 

A study by Nielsen concluded that about 80% of people acknowledge OOH advertising every week. Multiple other studies confirm that people are more likely to click on an online ad if they recently noticed an OOH advertising from that brand. 

The Ins and Outs of Graphics

One-way vision window graphics are an extremely popular tool for OOH advertising. Perforated window film allows for innovative and economically efficient applications that cover extensive areas, with captivating and vivid designs.

Window graphics also help familiarize people with your brand and show them where you are located. You can promote the latest sales and enticing discounts using outdoor banners to grab the onlookers’ attention and drive sales.

Convert Window Shoppers into Return Customers

Window shoppers often need a compelling reason to walk in and make a purchase. Graphics that feature catchy logos, slogans, website and contact details will create a lasting impression and drive a greater conversion rate.

Window decals help advertise upcoming sales and events, which can motivate customers to revisit your store. These advertising tools also let you share your company’s values, mission statement or other aspects of your branding that will help increase customers’ understanding of your company.

High-Conversion Merchandising

From storefront displays to signage and overall floor plan, catchy visual merchandising approaches can reflect the brand’s image, engage customers, and generate sales.

It is imperative to know your target customers and strive to appeal to their lifestyles. This practice will help you advertise the most relevant merchandise. Customize the window graphic depending on the audience.

Demographics 101

For instance, if you target younger age groups, add vibrant colors, catchy designs, and appealing products. If your target audience leans towards the professional side of the spectrum, keep the graphic minimal and sophisticated with more textual information.

Note that a window graphic that is less populated with colors and designs will provide you with more room to spread the word about a sale or the launch of new merchandise that people might love. 

Boost Your Brand On-the-Go

If your space is in a giant commercial area where several competitors surround you, window graphics are the perfect advertising tools. These window graphics can be placed at different locations throughout your store for maximum efficiency. 

Window displays can also help promote your online presence and other ongoing digital marketing campaigns. When utilizing these graphics, add your web address and any handles for your social media pages. 

The Bottom Line

With a plethora of benefits, window graphics is an outstanding tool for promoting the face of your business. It can help you advertise stats and facts about your brand or a particular product, boost OOH, convert window shoppers into purchasers, and many more.

You can also advertise your brand effectively using tools like window clings which are similar to decals, except that they are not adhesive backed. These tools stick to the glass of your outlet thanks to static electricity, and can be easily moved around to best suit your needs.

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