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Vinyl Posters


Does Your Business Need Vinyl Posters? We Are Here To Serve

  • Applied On Any Solid Surface (Drywall, Wood, Metal Or Glass)
  • Pre-Glued Backs, Which Helps In Easy Peel And Stick Application.
  • Excellent As Wall Murals And Wall Signs
  • Any size larger than 58.5" width / height will come in multiple pieces

Does Your Business Need Custom Vinyl Posters?

Custom Vinyl posters and window posters provide an innovative way to market to your target audience without worrying that the display will be damaged from weather or human touch. Durable, colorful, attractive and effective, what better way is there to communicate to your customers than eye-catching banner posters?

Posters have been an influential marketing tool since the 19th century. Nowadays, anywhere a person walks, he or she will likely come across a poster or custom banners just about anywhere. Vinyl poster printing is effective and the overall goal has not changed much since the early beginnings.

Paper Window Posters vs. Custom Vinyl Posters

Even though businesses can get their custom poster made at a printing house or create a marketing campaign by hand, posters are still made with paper, which is vulnerable to inclement weather or human contact. At BannerBuzz we offer a strong alternative: custom vinyl posters.

Unlike a paper poster, which can be easily damaged with rips, creases or wrinkles, custom vinyl posters are durable and beautifully made to send a company's message. Each of BannerBuzz's opaque displays can be printed in 720-1440 dpi resolution, but this depends on the quality of the custom design and image upload.

Business owners who are looking for a simple custom poster should consider checking out BannerBuzz's template gallery-we have made posters to promote events, holidays and special offers. For custom vinyl printing, BannerBuzz has the right solution for you!

Features of our Custom Vinyl Printing and Custom Vinyl Posters

BannerBuzz introduces high quality, visually impressive custom vinyl posters to its customers. With our custom vinyl printing, we make sure of high image quality for all our vinyl posters to create a world-class visual experience. You can either ask us to create a poster for you or can choose from our exclusive poster collection!

  • The window posters have pre-glued backs, which helps in easy peel and stick application.
  • They are applied outside of the glass.
  • These are for one time application and are suitable for both indoor and outdoor utility.
  • Our custom vinyl printing features 720dpi-1440dpi resolution in full color.
  • Vinyl posters and window posters of more than 5 feet in Height and Width come in two pieces, which helps in easy installation. Many installation Videos are available on YouTube for reference.
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