Wall Fabrics

Wall Fabrics


Want to wrap a column at a trade show with vibrant graphics? Wall fabric is your choice for that.

  • Easy peel and stick application
  • Digitally printed at 720dpi to 1440dpi
  • 110 GSM matte finish
  • Any size larger than 48' width / height will come in multiple pieces

An aesthetically appealing Décor is the first thing customers notice as they walk into a store. A good first impression on new customers is a sure way to retain them especially if you have opened a new store or retail outlet. A high quality fabric wall posters can breathe energy into a room or store space and invigorate a sense of life and vitality that can be the distinguishing feature of your store.

We, at BannerBuzz, offer high quality fabric wall banner art as well as custom fabric wall posters and designs for your office or store space that can add a new meaning to your work, store culture and Décor.

Range of Fabric Designs for Wall Hangings and Decors

No one likes a blank or dull wall. Retailers who keep their in-store walls plain may fail to make an impact on customers as it reflects a lack of culture, creativity and interest for the customer. This is specifically why we cater to your needs by providing you the POLYESTER BASED fabric wall banner art.

Acoustics and Sound-proofing

We at BannerBuzz also provide sound-proofing features in wall fabrics. Whether your office or outlet is situated in a noisy district or a city centre marketplace, sound-proofing using wall fabrics is the best way to achieve a peaceful work environment.

Fabric panels are best for sound-proofing as they provide the acoustics to absorb sound and echo and maximize solitude of your outlet or room space. This is specifically useful for a busy restaurant that has a noisy environment.

Sound-proofing is best utilized on your perimeter wall or ceiling surface.

Create your own Custom Wall Banner Art and Designs

Perhaps what you are looking for is something more personal and specific to your own liking and tastes. If that is the case, we also provide custom fabric wall posters where you can choose the fabric you like along with a design of your liking. If there is a pattern or design you have seen somewhere and want it for your work office or retail outlet space, BannerBuzz is there to help you.


Rejuvenates the Outlook of Your Workspace

Add new colors to your work space and revitalize its atmosphere. Improving the look of your space can help foster a better working environment for employees and reflect a certain work culture. Businesses that require wall fabric decals to promote creativity and productivity may want to think differently on how to choose their wall fabric than say a fine-dining restaurant.

Attracts New Customers and Visitors to Your Store

Eye-catching fabric decals can enhance the Décor of your store and help attract more customers. No one visits a store or shop just to buy the product; rather people want to experience an atmosphere of the shop and indulge in the culture.

Fabric Decals Set You Apart

BannerBuzz can help you stand out from your rivals by using attractive fabric wall posters and designs to reshape your image and brand. This can enable your business to establish quality standards and increase your brand value.