Wall Fabrics


Our Wall Fabrics Come With a Pre-Glued Back

Every retail or office space deserves some character. Simple wall paint is often not enough, as the space can end up looking dull even after a fresh coat of paint. Boring spaces do not attract new customers. How can you jazz up the space? Wall fabrics are an excellent choice to revamp your current space easily.

At BannerBuzz, our wall fabrics come with easy peel and stick application. This ensures that you can apply and remove them without leaving behind any residue. Having a pre-glued back, the fabrics are easy to stick to walls and elevate their aesthetic appeal.

Our wall fabrics come in a graphic weight of 150GSM and can be applied to your wall without any hassles. Please note that the product may come with a size variance of +/- 3mm.

With us, you can choose whether to get the wall fabrics UV-printed to ensure the longevity of your prints. Furthermore, you can also choose to add accessories such as a squeegee to your purchase to make the application easier.

Wall Fabrics Made Using Full-Color, 600DPI, UV Printing Technology

We use full-color, 600 DPI, UV printing technology to make your wall fabrics. This helps us in giving you the best color match, longer print life, and clarity.

Furthermore, the bright and attractive UV printing ensures that these fabrics are easily visible when placed in direct sunlight. Besides, the quality of the printing also ensures that it doesn't fade with time.

Add a Personal Touch to Your Wall Fabrics

Do you want your wall fabrics to resonate with your personality? At BannerBuzz, you can create your personalized wall fabrics with the help of templates uploaded by our talented designers. All you have to do is edit your template ,and your personalized wall fabric is ready. Furthermore, you can also upload your artwork or even hire our talented designers at a nominal fee.