My Parking Signs

My Parking Signs


Reserve Parking Spaces Using ‘My Parking’ Signs

  • Our metal parking signs comprise non-corrosive aluminum.
  • Full-color prints on ‘My Parking’ signs ensure vivid and color-matched graphics.
  • The signs are simple to install.
  • When you order multiple vehicle parking signs, you receive a bulk discount.

Use ‘My Parking’ Signs to Manage Spaces

It’s inconvenient to miss a parking space in your designated area and waste time looking for alternatives. Use clearly marked parking signs to keep unwanted car owners away from your personal parking space. Our outdoor parking signs make parking lots more convenient by preventing miscommunication.

Our metal parking signs comprise a durable aluminum sheet with a material thickness of 1.2 mm. Aluminum is resistant to corrosion and can withstand harsh weather. We use full-color, 600-DPI UV printing on white vinyl, which is then adhered to an aluminum sheet. People can see the signs from afar, and the colors are spectacular and vibrant. The prints have a UV protective layer to keep their original appearance even after scorching sun effects. There are reflective and non-reflective signs available.

You can make the custom parking signs any size and color you want. We have an online design that allows you to create graphics in three different ways. You can create and upload artwork for one-of-a-kind signage.

Pre-Designed, Mountable Outdoor Parking Signs Save Time

We have an extensive selection of pre-designed templates you can choose from. Our online design feature allows you to make custom designs without wasting time. Message examples include 'No Parking Fire Lane', 'No Parking Front Entrance' and 'Veteran Parking Only'.

These custom parking signs are easy to install because they come with a variety of mounting options. Choose between holes in all four corners, top and bottom, or left and right. Place signs appropriately to get optimal exposure.

‘My Parking’ Signs with Cost-Effective Pricing

Purchase multiple vehicle parking signs to receive a bulk discount. There are several discount tiers available to customers who purchase more signs. Save up to 35 percent on the total cost to maintain your working budget easily.

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