How to Use Custom Print Marketing Materials to Leverage ROI for All Your Holiday Needs

The holiday season is an opportunity for businesses to connect with customers on a personal level. And in this bid, every bit counts. Custom print materials are one such way to foster close relationships. At the same time, it possesses the immense potential to rake in an impressive ROI by expanding reach, driving conversions, and increasing sales.

The Big Impact of Branding

Whether you are an established company or aspiring to become one, the key to impactful branding relies on repetition and consistency. The more you include branding elements like logos, color schemes, fonts, etc., in your marketing materials, the more you will reinforce your company as a brand in your customers’ minds. Include your brand elements everywhere you can, from vinyl banners and flyers to emails and social media posts. 

Add a Touch of the Holidays in Print

Since the holiday season is near, you can align your branding initiatives with seasonal promotions. Simple considerations like switching the color palette to reds and greens, adding a touch of gold, or including tiny prints of snowflakes, snowmen, reindeer, and Santa Claus on your banners and marketing materials can ring in the joy and festivities of the season. 

Deliver the Direct Mail

In the age of emails and social media, you can stand out by sending direct mail. Apart from filling the role of a surprise element, direct mail can tap into the nostalgia of exchanging cards to build deeper connections due to its impressive open rate. 

Even the USPS attests to this fact, stating that three out of four pieces of direct mail sent during the holidays are opened on the same day. As such, a simple postcard or greeting card can improve brand reputation and customer advocacy.

Spread Cheer with Signage

Nothing spreads holiday cheer faster and wider than colorful signage. Apart from the usual benefits of capturing attention or boosting sales, signs inform your clientele that you are prepped and ready for the holiday season. Plus, they are the most flexible in terms of cost-efficiency when it comes to ringing in the season. From shelf signs to full-sized banners, you can choose anything that aligns with your marketing budget.

Drive Conversion on the Storefront

Approximately 76% of customers are more willing to enter a store they have never visited before simply based on their signage. Furthermore, active conversions on the storefront can improve sales revenue by a minimum of 7%.

Custom signs and banners amplify your storefront advertisements. Incorporate holiday elements to your branded signage with promotional messages to attract more foot traffic and yield higher sales conversions. 

Revamp Your Holiday Message

Focus your advertising strategy to attract your ideal consumer. Your holiday messages need to lead with the benefits your products can provide customers or focus on the great savings you deliver. In re-tuning your holiday messaging, make sure your graphics, copy, and marketing channels are aligned to your target customer’s tastes and take full advantage of your creativity. 

Consider two scenarios involving a toy manufacturer sending your business a postcard for the holidays. The first is a plain red card with “Season’s Greetings” written in white. The second has a graphic display of products with short copy runs emphasizing the products’ strengths. Marketing is the art of saying the same thing with a touch of creativity. Put enough thought into your holiday messaging and you will be rewarded proportionately.

Master The Art of a Seasonal Promotion

At the end of the day, holiday promotions are seasonal promotions, and custom print plays a pivotal role in seasonal sales success. Simple considerations such as printing holiday-specific materials like gift-wrapping papers, gift tags, shopping bags, or even cups can help you bank on the promotional aspect of the season. Review your marketing strategies to run promotions that will pique your customers’ interests.

Prepare a Holiday Event Calendar

Share an event calendar for all the holiday-related activities that you will be hosting for your customers. In doing so, you get the opportunity to increase the number of people who show up at the events. You can even transform it into a fun game where you give punch cards to the attendees, and those who attend all events can get prizes. Furthermore, extending these calendars right into the New Year offers room for your brand to become a common household name.

Custom Print Holiday Packaging

Gift packaging material plays a critical role in setting the stage for the holiday season. Custom printing holiday packaging and offering it as a value-added service can improve your revenue significantly while also offering your customers the convenience of not having to handle this task. If you wish to offer this service for free, you could also include your company logo as a way to advertise your business. 

Customers Love Branded Gifts

The fact is that everyone loves gifts and free items. So why not leverage it to get into your customers’ good graces? Send out branded gifts in the form of swag bags to show appreciation for your customers. Such gifts could be as simple as aromatic candles to crafting kits for families to branded apparel. These cost-effective print strategies will expand your brand reach and result in great customer satisfaction and higher sales. 

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