Wall Paper Posters

Wall Paper Posters


Brand your business with the posters!!

  • 220 GSM High gloss Paper
  • Vibrant, 720 dpi & 1440 dpi digital printing
  • Outstanding quality & fast delivery at affordable prices

When it comes to above-the-line marketing, there couldn't be a more convenient choice for your business than poster papers to advertise and inform others about your brand or products/services. Custom printed posters can easily be used inside your retail stores, food courts and even outdoor areas such as parks and streets to publicize an upcoming sports event or a 20% discount offer on your retail items. Custom printed posters are also far more economical when compared to billboards and other out of home advertising methods.

However, due to the intensity of competition today, you would want to stand out and easily catch the attention of passersby. If that is indeed what you're looking for, then let BannerBuzz help you stand out with its high quality paper poster printing.

Leap out with our range of custom printed posters

We at BannerBuzz offer a range of design templates that you can use to be obvious in the eyes of passersby. Our paper poster printing templates are made to ensure that you not only catch the attention of people but also pull them close to you store like a magnet. Here are some of the following categories we provide.

Business Posters

Make customers aware of your store activities such as Boxing Day sales, grand opening, end of year discounts.

Paper Poster Printing for Event Publicity

Publicize upcoming events such as employee birthday parties, Thanksgiving Day dinner, Charity Ball events.

Restaurant Posters

Have a restaurant? Let your customers know about today's special, a new dish or a new deal.

Sports Events Posters

If you run a health club or a sports academy, you can make the most of your sports events planning whether it is for a women's badminton tournament, bowling night, basketball schools tournament and more. .

Custom Printed Posters

If you are looking for something more specific to your work or business activity, you can always count on us for our custom printed posters. Rather than offering ready-to-use, off-the-shelf designs, we ensure our templates cater to your needs.

With our customizable templates, you can choose colors of your own liking and also redesign the poster papertemplate yourself using a multitude of options and tools. You can upload your own image or clipart and add your own text.

We realize that you know your customers best and by giving you the options to suit the design to your target audience means that the impact of your promotional activities are never restricted with fixed design templates.

What We Offer

Our paper poster printing options are deigned to cater to your individual needs. Whether you need one poster in dozens or other posters in less than five, your preferences will dictate how and what is best for your business.

Our website presents a list of design templates that you can use to customize and finalize online. We save you the hassle of taking out your precious time to visit a nearby store and finalize designs.