Bollard Covers - Triangle


High-Visibility Triangle Bollard Covers for Branding

Hoist your brand's presence with our eye-catching triangular bollard covers, perfect for storefronts and car parking areas. Our triangular bollard covers by BannerBuzz are not just visually striking, but also a practical solution for effective brand advertising. Designed to be utilized as an innovative advertising tool, these covers transform ordinary bollards into dynamic branding opportunities.

Crafted from durable, high-quality materials, our custom bollard covers are specifically tailored for outdoor purposes. Each cover, boasting a thickness of 5mm and a weight of 890 GSM, is made from robust corflute, ensuring longevity and resilience for your long-term display needs.

These protective bollard covers feature a unique 3-sided printing option, allowing your brand's message to be displayed vividly on all sides for higher visibility. This design ensures that your advertising reaches not only your existing customers but also captures the attention of potential customers and passers-by, enhancing your brand awareness significantly.

Durable Triangle Bollard Covers for Effective Branding

Our customizable triangle bollard covers, available in various sizes to suit your needs. These easy-to-display bollard covers require no extra effort for installation, thanks to their self-locking system that ensures a snug fit over bollards or posts. Ideal for controlling road traffic and enhancing pedestrian safety, they are a practical choice for any business.

We offer six predefined sizes, ranging from 7 inches to 14 inches in width, catering to a variety of bollard dimensions. Check our size tab for a quick overview of the options available.

Our bollard covers boast high-quality, full-color, 600 DPI printing, ensuring that your branding remains vibrant and eye-catching. The UV-protective prints safeguard your artwork from fading, making these covers perfect for long-lasting outdoor use.

Customizing these covers is a breeze. Simply upload your promotional content, brand logo, or images by clicking on the 'Upload Artwork & Checkout' tab for a seamless branding experience.

Bulk Discount on Triangle Bollard Covers for Storefront Promotion

Maximize your business marketing with our cost-effective triangular bollard covers, available with attractive bulk discounts. Perfect for enhancing brand awareness across multiple locations, these triangle bollard covers are an ideal choice for widespread promotional campaigns. Easily browse and select your desired quantities using our bulk discount tab, ensuring a cost-saving purchase for your storefront or outdoor advertising needs. Our bulk options are tailored to support your marketing objectives, offering a practical and budget-friendly solution for effective shout-outs and brand visibility.