Shimmer Panel - Gold


Delight Your Audience with Our Luxurious Gold Shimmer Panels

Elevate any space or event with our gold shimmer panel, a larger-than-life backdrop that promises to captivate and amaze. Not just any backdrop, our Shimmer Panel - Gold is the ultimate in metallic panel design, crafted to provide an aesthetic reminiscent of gold wall art.

Every inch of our Shimmer Panel - Gold speaks of unmatched brilliance. At its core, the shimmer panel's hardware material is constructed from black anodized aluminum. This ensures a product that's not only stunning but also durable with a commendable lifespan. This decorative panel stands the test of time, resisting corrosion, fading, and abrasion. The panel is made of a premium quality plastic material, immune to tears and impervious to external elements, truly mirroring the beauty and resilience of gold accent decor.

Our panels aren't just about aesthetics. They come fortified with sturdy hardware components ensuring that your reflective panel stays upright and majestic. These components include 8 poles, 2 bases, 4 tightening knobs, and 2 allen keys. These poles are instrumental in supporting the shimmering backdrop. Use the tightening knobs to adjust the height of the panel, while the allen key ensures protection against unforeseen stripping of fasteners. The overall strong grip ensures that your interior design with gold shimmer panels remains intact, even during installation or removal.

The poles themselves are robust with a thickness of 1.4 mm. They flaunt a 38 mm bottom diameter and a 30 mm top diameter. These dimensions, coupled with sturdy bases, ensure that the gold decorative panel stands tall and proud, eliminating worries about it toppling over.

Shimmer Panel Backdrops Offer a Wide Selection of Colors and Dimensions

Introducing our Shimmer Panel - Gold, meticulously designed to add a lavish touch to your interiors, be it a bedroom wall decor or a living room centerpiece. Our decorative panel backdrops come in a spectrum of hues, but the standout is undoubtedly the gold panel, radiating an aura reminiscent of finely sequined tapestries.

For those seeking a touch of elegance in wall decor, this shimmer backdrop is a game-changer. With options ranging from enchanting silver to alluring rose gold, our Shimmer Panel - Gold ensures that you have a sea of choices to enhance your decor. And with its mesmerizing shimmer, it's poised to become a staple in interior design with gold shimmer panels.

We realize that size is paramount. Hence, our shimmer wall accessory is available in a range of dimensions tailored to fit diverse spaces, such as 5 Ft x 3 Ft, 6 Ft x 8 Ft, 8 Ft x 8 Ft, and 10 Ft x 8 Ft. If you're seeking precision, our panels also come in a compact 30cm x 30 cm, ideal for those wishing to create a reflective gold panel for event decor or infuse a shimmer gold aesthetic into their spaces.

Gold Shimmer Panel Backdrops: Elevate Your Spaces and Events

Elevate both events and personal spaces with our Gold Shimmer Panel backdrops, meticulously crafted to captivate and inspire. Perfect as a reflective gold panel for event decor, these versatile metallic panels can be imagined as a dynamic gold decorative panel for your living room or an enchanting shimmer panel for bedroom wall decor.