Shimmer Panel - Gold

Shimmer Panel - Gold


Attractive Shimmer Panel Backdrops for An Enticing Event or Branding

  • Shimmer panels are made of high-quality plastic.
  • Hardware material features black anodized aluminum for durability.
  • The hardware part comprises 8 poles, 2 bases, 4 tightening knobs, and 2 allen keys.
  • Perfect for creating sequin backdrop, event decor, photography backdrop, wall decor, and weddings.

Delight Your Audience with Stunning Shimmer Panels in Premium Material

Looking for a larger-than-life backdrop for delighting your audience? Give a stunning makeover to your event with beautifully crafted shimmer panel backdrops by Banner Buzz. Not only these stunning backdrops will entice everyone but will never cease to amaze them whenever they will look at them.

Crafted with unmatched brilliance, our shimmer panel's hardware material is made out of black anodized aluminum which is durable and has a good lifespan. The material will not corrode and fade, nor will it get affected by abrasion, so you can enjoy your panel for quite a long time. The panel comprises a premium quality plastic material that is hard to tear or get impacted due to outer elements.

The panels come equipped with various sturdy hardware components such as 8 poles, 2 bases, 4 tightening knobs, and 2 allen keys. Poles will help you support the panel backdrop, a tightening knob will help you tighten or lose the knob for adjusting the height of the panel while an allen key protects against the unforeseen stripping of fasteners. Altogether this strong gripping action protects fasteners from being forayed during installation or removal.

The pole comes with a good thickness of 1.4 mm. The pole diameter is comprised of a 38 mm bottom diameter and a 30 mm top diameter. These long and strong poles with bases make the panel stable and reliable enough to stand strong without worrying about the panel falling or collapsing.

Shimmer Panel Backdrops are Available in an Array of Colors & Sizes

Designed to add a touch of elegance and enhance your decor, our shimmer panel backdrops are available in an array of colors to give you an ocean of choices for your decoration. From gold, and silver to rose gold, you can choose any of these stunning colors to create a one-of-kind glitter backdrop. These mesmerizing colored shimmer panel backdrops look like a beautifully sequinned tapestry that can’t go missed by anyone who passes by.

Perfect panel size is very important but what if the panel size does not match your requirement? We understand that it might be hard to find the perfect size for your space, but not anymore! We give you a plethora of choices such as 5 Ft x 3 Ft, 6 Ft x 8 Ft, 8 Ft x 8 Ft, and 10 Ft x 8 Ft for easing the task of size selection. Available in 30cm x 30 cm panel size, our shimmer panel backdrop will instantly accentuate your space.

Our Shimmer Panel Backdrops are Perfect for Any Events or Decor

Our beautifully sequinned shimmer panels are perfect for creating sequin backdrops, event decor, photography backdrops, and weddings. Not just for these events, you can proudly flaunt these exquisite backdrops at your home as well. Hang them as a wall decor piece in your living room, bedroom, or even on your patio, and spruce up the space in no time. So, what are you waiting for? Place your order now and enjoy the attention-grabbing backdrops like never before.

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