Flat Pocket Calendars
  • Flat Pocket Calendars
  • Flat Pocket Calendars
  • Flat Pocket Calendars
  • Flat Pocket Calendars

Flat Pocket Calendars


Flat Pocket Calendar - Keep a personalised calendar within your reach with a flat pocket calendar

  • Available in matte, and uncoated finish
  • Can be used as a business card
  • Has a surface that can be written on
  • Paper is made from sustainable resources

Calendars are useful and indispensable objects in our daily life, keeping our lives organized and well planned. Put a fun spin on pocket calendars, customizing them according to your client's needs. Flat pocket calendars work effortlessly as

  • Excellent souvenirs
  • Give-away items before the start of a new year, or even
  • Business cards, with their space for contact information.

Easy to design, they're also compact and portable, making these flat calendars a smart way to revamp your brand value. These pocket card calendars are available in both matte and uncoated finish. While both are thick and stiff, the matte finish features a classic and elegant feel, while the uncoated card has a rich and premium paper feel. The uncoated card comes with an excellent surface for you to write on. The matte card can be written on by ballpoint or oil based ink pens as well.

These wallet sized flat pocket calendars make for convenient gifts and an easy reference tool. With their applicability as business cards, give a fun and useful spin to a professional item, and have something to remember your recipients by.

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