New York License Plates

New York License Plates

  • Heavy-duty aluminum construction gives long-lasting durability.
  • Full color UV printing creates attractive designs.
  • Add one of many colorful backgrounds or design your own.
  • Low-emission printing process produces low environmental impact.
  • Rounded corners make handling and installation easier.

Authentic-Looking Reproduction New York License Plates

New York License Plates are Durable, Customizable, and High-Quality

Customers often look for ways to make their vehicle stand out from the crowd, either for marketing or to make it easier to find in parking lots. Vehicle fleet operators also seek methods of designating and identifying individual cars, vans, and trucks in their motor pool. Custom license plates mounted to the front bumper of a vehicle are in a noticeable. Distinct from a government-issued rear plate, they add a sense of personality and flair to a vehicle. These plates also work as decoration inside a restaurant or other commercial establishment.

These aluminum license plates are non-corrosive and durable, resisting breakdown and holding up over time. Their resilient construction allows them to handle road conditions and the elements. The plates also have a layer of vinyl over the aluminum.

Vehicle license plates display text and images in sharp, 600-DPI printing. The numbers and letters are clearly visible to other drivers and pedestrians on the sidewalk. This makes the plates a good place to display company information, such as an email address or phone number.

Design these custom license plates with your own graphics using the online BannerBuzz tool or upload an existing template. There are also many pre-designed looks to choose from, each with details that evoke the state of New York. Use Pantone (PMS) Color Match to create a specific appearance.

Custom License Plates are Eco-Friendly and Easy to Install

The printing process that creates these vehicle license plates adds text and graphics to the vinyl without releasing solvents into the air. With reduced emissions, manufacturing delivers on the plates you need while being eco-friendly.

Rounded radius corners reduce sharp edges, making the custom license plates easy to work with during installation. The shape and dimensions also fit neatly into most license plate frames, aiding in proper alignment and keeping them level. Each of the plates is only 1.2 mm thick, facilitating quick drilling and attachment of mounting hardware.

Get Discount on Bulk New York License Plates

BannerBuzz makes it easy to purchase the aluminum license plates you need for business decoration or for adding to a vehicle fleet with bulk quantities. Tiered discounts on larger orders help to keep marketing budgets on target. Whether you require a dozen or 500 license plates, BannerBuzz puts them at your disposal in convenient fashion.

Shop for New York license plates for your business online at BannerBuzz. Enjoy free super saver shipping on all orders over $99.