Blade Flags

Blade Flags


Pass Brand Messages Using Advertising Blade Flags

  • The advertising flags offer long-lasting synthetic fabric.
  • Change the design, size, and hardware of your flags.
  • All brand flags are readily transferrable.
  • Get flag in a slim design that takes little room. 

Advertising Blade Flags are Durable and Personalized

To promote a business or brand to potential customers, it's necessary to connect to the audience visually. Our printed flags are effective in advertising your business, providing ideal brand promotion that takes up minimal space in your store and attracts new customers to your brand.

Our road side flags construction is from synthetic flag cloth and carbon composite fiberglass hardware. Both materials produce sturdy and weather-resistant outdoor flags, allowing you to display your message effectively and for a long time until you remove them.

The flags come with a fabric that resists easy wrinkling for long-term use outdoors. They preserve their appearance and help convey the needed message to your audience.

We can customize the roadside flags in a variety of ways to fit the requirements at your workplaces. Upload a custom design or use our design tool to make your personalized flags. Other options include size, a reverse side, and a spike or cross base. Flags are also available without the cloth or the base. Decide on single or double-sided printing to highlight brands to the masses effectively.

Personalized Flags are Portable and Easy to Use

Our marketing flags' tall, thin form has a distinctive design that attracts visitors. Its installation uses minimal space, so you can keep a clutter-free area where the flag stands out.

The printed flags are lightweight and easy to transport and keep. Whether you use cross or spike bases, the flags are easy to move. Because of their high adaptability, the flags are readily available for reuse in the future for a high return on investment.

Large Quantities Promotional Flags Purchase Qualify for Discounts

When you purchase several marketing flags, you receive a bulk quantity discount. Get a higher discount as the number of flags in the basket increases, ensuring a cost-effective purchase.

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