SEG Portable S Shape Queuing Panel


Our Portable Queuing Panel Frame is made of Premium Quality Aluminum

In case you are expecting a healthy flow of customers, visitors or patients at your outlet, let our SEG portable S shape queuing panel help you. Its attractive S shape not only will let you organize a crowd but also manage to maintain distance between people. This durable and portable modular panel can be displayed at a store, inquiry corners, airports, help desks, and various other venues.

The frame of our SEG S-shaped portable queuing panel is made from premium quality aluminium. There are a number of attachments provided with the basic frame, so that you can easily assemble it. The aluminium used makes it light in weight but also gives the frame body strength.

The frame is 12 ft x 6 ft in size. Each frame has two kits, one kit is 2m (w) x 2m (h) and the other is 3m (w) x 2m (h) in size. These are accompanied with eight T connectors and two L connectors. You can easily assemble the frame by connecting the frame kit with the help of two types of connectors.

Our queuing panel is portable. The frame can be easily dismantled or assembled. The frame, attachments, and covering are all designed to fit with each other perfectly and give you a smart and elegant structure to manage crowds.

Transparent EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate) is used for Covering of Isolation Cabin

The covering of the isolation cabins is made from transparent EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate). This makes the coverings soft, flexible and light in weight. It can be easily fixed to the frame and moved around effortlessly. The coverings are 1m x 2m (w x h) in dimensions and 24 and 36 in number for the two sets of frame kits.

The coverings are sewn together with polyester fabric. The polyester used has a graphic weight of 340 GSM. It also has a PVC coating for further stability and durability. The covering sizes of the queuing panel are made to fit the different frame sizes.

Discounts on Bulk Order of Portable Queuing Panels

Order any number of queuing panels and enjoy bulk quantity discounts. The larger the order, the more the discount. Check out our discount table for further details. Our discounts are so attractive that you will return to order more.