2x2 Micro GeoMetrix Table Top Display


Capture Your Target Audience's Attention with GeoMetrix Displays

Portable and Durable High-Quality GeoMetrix Displays

Most businesses find it challenging to capture target audiences in marketing events or trade shows. Companies are in need of a solution that helps them convey their messages and inform people about their products, brands, sales, and other offerings. These table top displays facilitate quick and efficient communication during walk-in and walk-by presentations, exhibitions, and conferences. They also add visual impact to booth spaces to attract attention from passing crowds.

Construction materials for the portable table top displays are aluminum and wrinkle-resistant 240 GSM stretch polyester, which allows for proper shape retention after demanding use. The sturdy and ultra-compact aluminum hardware makes it durable, delivering effective resistance against rust and corrosion to ensure longevity, even when exposed to the elements.

Sublimation printing on these GeoMetrix displays deliver vibrant graphics that are easily legible at a glance. These crisp message prints and elements leave an indelible impression on the intended audience. The bold printing helps boost message visibility to the audience whether the display is set up indoors or outdoors, in compact or large spaces.

Our table top displays integrate lightweight construction, making them portable and well-suited for exhibition setups, which transport easily to different locations. Such portability saves time and energy when making multiple presentations.

Easy-to-Assemble Table Top Displays with Customization Options

Our retractable table top displays come with foldable frames and magnetic poles to facilitate effortless and time-saving assembling of components. The magnetic poles firmly hold the frames, providing reliable support when attaching the graphic banners. These features enable you to erect reliable displays quickly enough to catch busy crowds as you set up in different places.

Options for customization, such as adding or changing graphics and hardware, are available to cater to different preferences. Advertisers can edit graphics within a frame or choose complementary display hardware that suits existing graphics. This allows business owners to incorporate unique messages or designs into these table top displays for increased audience engagement.

Bulk Order Discounts and Multiple Shipping Options on GeoMetrix Displays

We offer discounts for bulk order quantities of 2 to over 100 portable table top displays to enable both small and large businesses to enhance their ROI. Enjoy easy access to all orders by taking advantage of the multiple shipping options, such as doorstep delivery, that are available to cater to your unique business needs.

Stand Out From the Crowd With Presentations Using GeoMetrix Displays

Convey your business message and inform people about your products, brands, sales, and other offerings with vibrant GeoMetrix displays featuring sublimation printing and durable and easy-to-assemble components.

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