Skateboard Stickers


Premium Designer Decals for Skateboard Branding

Skateboards pass through many places with significant traffic. To maximize traffic exposure, businesses can take advantage and diversify their advertising channels using stickers with messaging and graphics that reflect the organizations values. You only need to stick it on the skateboard with no other recurring expenses, unlike advertising with the mainstream media. These attractive stickers infuse identity to the skateboards, making them certain to grab your customers attention.

The adhesive decals are long-lasting, featuring premium 250-micron white vinyl material. It eliminates the need for frequent replacements. With a strong pre-glued back, you can rely on them to stick onto the skateboard for long without succumbing to rough handling or water damage.

Good advertising material needs to attract the most attention. With cutting edge full-color 600DPI-printing, our advertising decals come with stunning colors to grab the attention of the pedestrians and fellow skateboarders. Their classy and unique template designs give your skateboards an attractive polished appearance that turns heads.

Use the online design tool to customize these decals according to your business requirements. You can personalize them with your business brand motto, logo, initials, or contact details to promote your store and let the customers what value your business represents.

Skateboard Stickers with Unique Finishes

Use the glossy or matte finishes to give the vinyl decals a refined look. You can also select from laminated or UV finish options to enhance both appearance and damage resistance. UV finishes slow down fading, helping maintain the integrity of the stickers for a long time.

Businesses that don't have time to customize their vinyl decals have another option of selecting their preferred graphics and messages from our pre-designed templates. It eases the ordering process, ensuring you the stickers on time to kick-start your advertising campaign.

Order Graphic Decals in Bulk for Discounts

Buy the same type of board stickers in bulk for a special discount. It is a great option if you have multiple skateboards or if you have many messages you want to communicate on a single skateboard. This offer allows you to save on costs, which you can direct into other business aspects.

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