8 ft x 8 ft Step and Repeat Curved Pillow Case Backdrop


8 X 8 Step And Repeat Curved Pillow Case Backdrops for Greater Optical Clarity

If you wish to spread your message far and wide, you need three things - an impactful message, visual clarity of the message, and a host large enough to broadcast it. Our 8 X 8 Step And Repeat Curved Pillow Case Backdrops sure can put it on the map.

The graphics of the banner is printed through a process known as dye-sublimation printing, where the dye is heat transferred onto the fibers of the fabric. This form of digital printing makes the message crystal clear, even if you are viewing it from a distance.

The hardware frame measures 8 by 8 feet and occupies a prominent spot at any venue. It is large enough to gain visibility even in high-traffic areas.

With the combination of a clear fabric-based backdrop and large size, the product comfortably serves as an aesthetic background for photographs while accommodating 4-5 individuals.

Curved Pillow Case Backdrop For Use in Indoor and Outdoor Venues

The curved pillowcase backdrop comprises two main components - hardware and graphics. Both these components enjoy high durability even in extreme weather conditions. For example, the hardware frame is made from high-quality, industrial-grade aluminum, which is resistant to damage. Plus, it offers enough weight to offer stability to the backdrop even in windy conditions.

Similarly, the graphic is also made from premium polyester fabric, which is found to be resistant to weather elements such as rain or harsh sunshine. The colorfastness of the material keeps the print intact even in situations where other messages might have faded into anonymity. As such, the step and repeat banner can be easily set up in indoor and outdoor venues.

Custom Pillow Case Backdrop with Step and Repeat Patterns

While the hardware measures 8 by 8 feet and does not leave room for customization, the graphics is where all the magic takes place. When you choose the option for the graphics, you are presented with an array of options that will define the final outcome. For instance, you can print on a single side or both sides. Plus, You can directly upload the repeating logo, design it with our nifty tool, or hire a designer to execute the task professionally. This logo design will repeat across the banner and realize the vision of a custom pillow case backdrop.

What's more, the bulk order discount option is a brilliant way to get more for less. So use that to always have multiple backup options ready.