Crowd Control Barriers


Durable Crowd Control Barriers With Complete Hardware Kit

Preventing the disorderly movement of people at events and large gatherings is one of the most challenging yet crucial undertakings. Our crowd control barriers are purposed to help you set up a workable safety barrier system to facilitate and manage people at events. They can help you create temporary barriers anywhere in minutes. Once the event is over, you can remove the graphics and disassemble the frame to store them until your next event, making them a reusable and versatile crowd control solution.

Our durable aluminum barriers come with a complete hardware kit that includes 4 poles, 2 L-brackets, 1 iron base, 1 Allen key, and 2 screws. All these hardware parts will help you set up the frame in minutes without any professional assistance. Unlike the plastic crowd control barriers, each hardware element of our crowd barriers is durable enough to withstand several ambient conditions.

Besides being highly durable, our metal crowd control barriers are lightweight enough to be moved from one location to the other conveniently. The lightweight frame structure makes it a portable crowd-controlling solution. With these portable barriers, you can quickly control unwanted venturing of people in restricted areas anytime and anywhere without being concerned about transportation and mobility issues.

Our barriers for crowd control are currently available for ordering in two different size dimensions. The smaller barrier dimensions are ideal for effective crowd management at a smaller event location. Whereas, for a comparatively larger event location with larger gatherings, you must prefer the barrier with larger size dimensions.

Get Increased Recognition and Visibility With Custom Crowd Barriers

Along with helping you to control the crowds, form quick queues, and stay in line, our custom crowd control barriers also help you promote your brand or business with its custom printed graphics. However, to offer you absolute flexibility to order the hardware without the printed graphics, the custom graphics option is set to ‘NO’ by default. To add the custom graphics, please change the ‘Add Graphic’ value to Yes. Once done, you can either design it via the design tool or upload your print-ready artwork.

For designing your crowd control barrier graphics via our design tool, you have a selection of free, fully customizable design templates at your disposal. These pre-designed templates can help you kickstart your design in minutes. Once your graphics are approved, we will print them on high-quality polyester fabric on a single or double side as per your preferred printing needs.

Quick Set-up For Easy Assembly

Assembling our crowd control barriers is very easy and convenient. The hardware kit includes everything you need to set up the frame and attach the graphics. Place everything on the floor to begin the assembling process. Start by lining up the holes of the poles and snap the buttons. After connecting the frame poles, roll the fabric around the top pole and join the velcro ends to fasten it. Repeat the same process for the left and right poles of the frame. For picture illustrations and step-by-step details, please refer to the “How to set up” tab.