Compact Display Package

Compact Display Package


Package Includes

  • Wall Box Fabric Displays (10' x 8')- Qty 1

    Double Side, Graphic with hardware

  • Portable Side Walk Sign (18’’ x 34’’) - Qty 1
  • Deluxe Wide Base Single-screen Roll Up Banner Stand (2’ x 6.5’) – Qty 1

    Banner with Stand, No Lamination


Superior Quality Compact Display Package to Promote Your Brand at Events All-Year Long

Suit all your promotional needs with our all inclusive compact display package. We deliver a classy look for your single and multiple events throughout the year. You can make a lasting impression with our carefully curated superior quality package. The promotional materials in our package match your unique requirements with variety in design, colors, and material. This compact display package has three promotional materials designed using state of the art technology.

We provide one 10' x 8' wall box fabric display. This display comes with easy to assemble hardware and double side printed graphic fabric. It has 21 aluminium poles and 8 brackets that are durable and sturdy. We aim to attract the attention of your customers with our box design that represents a high brand image.

Our package’s second item includes the jotter tablet display-A. It is a stylish tablet display stand that is black in color. The pole is made of 1.5" diameter aluminium rod. The steel base is 12.5" (front width) x 16.5"D x 11.5" (back width) and the steel frame is 8.25"W x 11.75"H x 1"D. This tablet display can accommodate only iPad 2, 3, and 4 versions, that is, a display size of 6"W x 8"H.

The last product in the package we provide is a 33.5" x 80" contour retractable bannerstand. This bannerstand comes with superflat vinyl printed graphic attached to the stand and top bar. The bottom of the graphic has a 6" bleed. Together, this package promotes your brand in the most aesthetically pleasing way at events all year long.

Personalized Trade Show Display with Custom Printing to Make Your Trade Shows Special

We offer you an amazing opportunity to get your creative juices flowing by custom designing your promotional marketing materials. Simply click on the upload artwork option and add your personalized templates for your brand. Your custom design will be printed on your banner stand and on both sides of your wall display. You can set a theme you desire to make your trade show events special.

We further custom print your designs in high resolution and visual vibrancy. The colors and text of your printed design will have impactful visibility ensuring higher engagement. You will stand out to your audience with the right branding and quality print.

Get Special Bulk Discount on Trade Show Display Package

We offer bulk discounts on the purchase of trade show display packages in quantities ranging from 2-100. Check our overview table to see the special discounts offered for your purchase.