Emergency Medical Tents 10 x 10


Emergency Medical Tents Provide Shelter During Crises

Customizable, Easy-to-Install, and Durable Emergency Medical Tents

Portable medical tents are a necessity for your trained professional staff to provide treatment to people during medical situations, emergencies, or natural disasters. You need to protect the needy from the elements by providing shelter. Our medical tents are a convenient solution for all facilities looking for a quick solution in which to administer various standardized medical procedures.

The aluminum frames of our emergency shelter tents offer superior durability for longevity. The 270 GSM tent fabric provides strength, resilience, and wear resistance. Excellent for outdoor use, the canopy tents can withstand wind, rain, and other environmental conditions.

Our medical tents come in two size types. You can either choose the medium or large size emergency medical tents according to your business requirements. You also have the freedom to select the color of the tent fabric and opt for customized accessories if required.

Installation of shelter canopy tents is easy. These tents constitute pop-up frames with three height levels and telescoping legs that allow for easy and rapid setup, saving you time and allowing you to respond swiftly in an emergency.

Emergency Shelter Tents are Portable and Washable

The portable medical tents can be put to use anywhere and anytime. Transport these handy medical tents easily from one destination to another. Afterward, fold, pack, and store the shelters effortlessly in no time. The smooth transitions make the tents an excellent one-time investment.

Due to the presence of a protective layer on the fabric material of our shelter canopy tents, we recommend using water, non-detergent soap, and a soft sponge for washing and cleaning. After being completely wiped down or washed, let the tents dry in sunlight. For best results, use deep cleaning in warm water, avoiding machine washing and strong detergent.

Bulk Order Discounts on Emergency Medical Tents

Depending on your budget, business size, and requirements, order as few as 2 to over 100 portable medical tents. You receive a discount on bulk orders, and the more tents you purchase, the less each one costs. This option helps large and small businesses to fulfill requirements while staying within budget.

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