A Frame


Metal A-Frame for Displaying Banners and Advertisements

In a cut-throat world where businesses are at the receiving end of intense competition, a little help with marketing and advertisement goes a long way. And here is where our metal A-frame enters the picture. It allows you to grab eyeballs wherever it goes. 

Whether you are running a brick-and-mortar store, operating a mobile food truck, giving a tour of a house on sale, or attending a trade show - we help you get noticed. Our custom A-frame is the perfect channel to capture attention and highlight your ideas, brand, or promotions. You can set it up almost anywhere and make your way into the spotlight.

These metal A-frames are highly durable in all conditions. They are made from industrial-grade, heavy-duty aluminum, which can withstand wear and tear and are highly resistant to external elements. 

Apart from being suitable for indoor and outdoor use, our metal A-frames are extremely mobile and portable. The aluminum frame can fold in, and you can then store it wherever you like.

Sturdy Aluminum Metal A-Frame for Greater Durability

Our sturdy metal A-frames are built from high-grade aluminum poles of 1.5mm thickness that promise durability. In fact, if well cared for, these custom A-frame holders can last you a good 7 years, if not more. The metal frame is powder-coated to make it weather-resistant, and the silver finishing adds to its appeal. We also offer high-quality PVC flex that displays your signage in all weather conditions.

The self-locking hinges and the triangular base offer greater stability to the frame, making it suitable for all settings. From sidewalks to driveways to storefronts to grassy lawns - erect it wherever. You can even install it in high-traffic areas as it can withstand encounters with a crowd. 

Easy Setup and Quick Customization

Apart from their durability, our metal A-frames are also known for their quick assembly and easy handling. The sandwich mechanism allows you to expand and collapse the metal frame as and when required. Plus, you can easily change the banner in a few minutes. Simply loop the hook through the metal grommets, and the bungee clasps will hold your banner or signage in place.