Display Package for 6m x 3m Trade show booth


Key Features

  • Impactful Presence: Elevates trade show booths with innovative design
  • Durable Construction: Features premium materials for lasting use
  • Custom Appeal: Offers detailed customization for unique branding
  • Easy Assembly: Includes user-friendly setup for displays and flags
  • Comprehensive Support: Includes discounts and thorough assistance
  • Swift Delivery: Provides 'Priority' shipping for event readiness

Product Overview

Transform Your Trade Show Impact with Our Trade Show Booth Backdrop Package

Elevate your trade show presence to unparalleled heights with our Best Display Package for 6m x 3m Trade Show Booths. Designed for professionals aiming for innovation and durability, this package is your solution for 6m x 3m trade show booth display packages, representing a beacon of quality and design. Featuring a Custom Canopy and Feather Flags, your booth becomes an instant attraction, making your brand unforgettable. With premium materials and the latest technology, our displays ensure your message is both seen and remembered, establishing you as a leader with professional 6m x 3m trade show display systems.

Your Booth, Your Brand: Detailed Customization and Contents

  • Custom Canopy (20' x 10') - Qty 1: Crafted from high-quality tent fabric and supported by an aluminum frame for unmatched durability. Its telescopic legs adjust to various heights, ensuring a tailored appearance. Designed for ease of transport, it comes with a travel bag on wheels.
  • Feather Flags (2' x 9.58') - Qty 2: Stand out with two single-sided flags that reach a total height of 13.12ft. Easy to assemble and lightweight, these flags have a stake/spike base for stability and aluminum poles for resilience. The banners, sized 24" x 115", are hemmed with a pole pocket on the stand side, crafted from durable flag fabric.

Seamlessly integrate your brand imagery. Upload your designs at your convenience and effortlessly approve your proofs online for a flawless realization of your vision. Our dedicated design team ensures your graphics are brilliantly represented, from the trade show backdrop to the commanding trade show flags.

Beyond the Booth: Comprehensive Support, Savings, and Swift Delivery

We extend our support for your trade show success beyond superior display solutions. Benefit from attractive bulk purchase discounts for orders ranging from 2 to 100 units, offering significant savings with our innovative 6m x 3m trade show booth displays for businesses.

Choose 'Priority' shipping for your display packaging, ensuring prompt delivery and readiness for your next event. With this elite package, your brand doesn't just appear; it stands out, creating lasting memories and fostering meaningful connections.