Australia Flag

Australia Flag

  • Superior quality knitted polyester fabric.
  • Can be customized to your needs.
  • Pole pockets & grommets for easy set-up.
  • Single-sided flag with 50-60% visibility from the backside.
  • Easy care instructions for long-lasting presence.

Australia Flag Made of High-Quality Fabric

Exhibit your love for your country with this superb quality flag of Australia. It’s perfect for hoisting on special days, trade shows, parades, events, and other campaigns. You can proudly display it on top of a building, inside or outside a store, within a kiosk, inside a meeting room, and so much more.

Each one is crafted from 90 GSM thick high-quality knitted polyester fabric. It can withstand all sorts of weather conditions, be it high winds, rain, sunshine, or snow.

Available in four various size options, our flags come in landscape view. The different sizes offered by Banner Buzz are 2" ft x1" ft, 4" ft x 2" ft, 6" ft x 3" ft, 8" ft x 4" ft.

They’re sturdy and looks vibrant and sparkling. Plus, they are machine-wash safe, and can also be hand-washed, so they will look new for ages. Simply wash in a machine or hand wash with mild liquid detergent and warm water.

Grommets & Pole Pockets Available for Flag of Australia

Whether it’s a professional event, personal promotion, or simply a special event such as Australia’s national day, you’ll find a flag just right for the occasion.

They come with long-lasting metal grommets and pole pockets at the sides and on the top. This makes these Australian flags simple to set up and takedown when required.

Single Side Flag with Visibility on Back Side

Our flags are printed on one side only, but the image is visible to the opposite side, creating a mirrored image with 50-60% visibility. The different hues - red, white, and blue are strongly printed to make a strong first impression. We understand that you may want to order more than one flag, so we’re also offering a bulk quantity discount for such orders.