White Canopy Tents


Turn Any Setting Into an Exceptional Event with our White Canopy Tents

White Canopy Tents are Durable, Customizable, and Easy to Install

Whether you run a large enterprise or a small boutique, having a temporary business space away from your head office or showroom is essential. Setup a temporary showroom with fabric canopies to promote your brand and impact potential customers. Our canopies serve a variety of purposes, from providing emergency cover to drawing attention to a booth during an event. The canopies establish a dedicated space that provides shade and protection.

Constructed with a 250 GSM tent fabric, the canopies are highly durable. The aluminum frame tents can withstand regular wear and tear, assuring product longevity. The high-quality tent fabric ensures that the canopies last and can endure a variety of weather.

Choose from two distinct size ranges based on your business needs. You have the option of ordering the frame or just the topper. You can add extras, such as the travel bag with wheels. Customize the white canopy tents to fit your specific company needs.

The fabric canopies come with pop-up frames that offer three different heights. The telescopic legs facilitate installation, making the canopies simple to set up. Simply snap the legs into position and adjust the height range to your preference. The quick and easy set-up and the adjustable height allow you to adapt to the uniqueness of many occasions.

White Canopy Tents are Portable and Easy to Care for

Portable canopy tents are simple to set up, pack, and store. The lightweight material adds to the portability of the canopies. The canopies are ideal for temporary booths at trade shows, athletic events, outdoor gatherings and restaurants.

The aluminum frame tents are easy to maintain. Simply use water, a sponge, and non-detergent soap to clean. After washing, dry the tent in the sun if possible. With such minimal maintenance needs, you save time and money on upkeep.

Order White Canopy Tents in Bulk

Order portable canopy tents based on your company needs and budget. Get discount on orders ranging from 2 to over 100. To get the most value out of your purchase, make choices based on your company's specific requirements.

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