Bizarre Road Signs from Across the World

In the US, we’re used to seeing the same old road signs every time we get behind the wheel. Certain shapes and colors have unified meanings. Everyone knows what red, yellow, and green means. While in other countries across the globe, road signs can take on unusual meanings with wild images. With different needs and driving conditions, every country comes up with their own system for alerting drivers. From armadillo crossings to crocodile attacks, avalanche warnings to radioactive chemicals, worldly road and parking signs can be a humorous way to get your point across.

Looking at some of the more bizarre road signs from around the world, the messages may change but the aesthetics remain fairly similar.  Geometrical shapes are meet with hard red outlines. White or yellow backgrounds usually feature black, silhouetted shapes and images. These guidelines seem to be a universal way of getting people’s attention. Firm lines, bold colors, high contrast and cutout characters are easily readable and understood. They’re a quick way of conveying information without overwhelming the viewer’s eye. Of course when you’re driving, you don’t have time to stare at an image for more than a quick second.

If we take these image-making principles out of their roadside context, they can be great tools for advertising and inventive marketing. The process of making information simple and understandable at a glance can be used for businesses and events of all varieties. If you’re planning an outdoor fundraiser and you don’t want people to litter, you can make a humorous sign that conveys your message in a simple way. You can conduct traffic with easily understood parking signs. The possibilities are endless. You can always look at international varieties for inspiration on how to make the best, wildest road sign yet.

At Banner Buzz, we specialize in creating custom parking signs, road signs, and any other kind of signs for businesses and events. You can create your own bold colors, geometric shapes, and silhouetted figures to share your message easily with potential customers, guests and the public at large. Use the road sign and parking sign model to get people’s attention and make your point known. Plus, they’re easy to design and make. Get your customized parking signs at Banner Buzz today.

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