Making announcements was never easy!

Banners DesignIn order to generate highly effective communication sometimes you may have to go old school. By old school I mean the era of technology before Internet and social media. These old school marketing methods bring with them a surprise element when the customers least expect. We often tend to list down our priorities and later forget a few. Say while driving if we come across a signage and it reminds us of our procrastinated items, it surely rings a bell in your mind. Yard signs like many of its other counterparts are inexpensive and pretty effective when it comes to communicating your point across.

Announcement BannersAnnouncements could be for business promotions, branding, informational, family or personal events, yard sale, open houses and many more.At times getting only logos of your company printed as a yard sign can grab customer attention and make your presence felt. Designing media advertisements, adds up to a lot of cost, many a times them being unnecessary. With the market being tight and recession kicking in, cost cutting has become a name game. In this situation, yard signs come to rescue providing a cost effective solution helping make announcements easier.

Yard signs are a sure shot attention seeker while driving or walking across the street. Especially strategically placed signs with maximum visibility like the ones besides the pavement or on the block dividing the road, can convey a point across well. They can be used in various ways such as indoor as well as outdoor areas in places like tradeshows, events or business promotions.

Welcome BannersOften what is difficult for social media to achieve and yard signs can easily do is captivate the customer’s attention. Every person reading that sign is a potential customer. They may be in search of you or if ever a need, they will remember to contact you or a service like you. With all the competition in the media industry as well, you need to stand out from your competition for the customer to even say like your page on facebook, follow you on twitter or as simple as even open and read your email. As in case of a yard sign, as far as its there, it keeps alluring more and more people to read them. Sometimes as we said, people don’t realize they need your services until they read your sign.

Banners and Signs

Informational yard signs can be put up as a series of signs to convey a message effectively. Yard signs can be an inexpensive solution to direct brand building.  Often during tradeshows people do put up directional signs to navigate traffic to their exhibit or just a casual fun sign for people to stop by and satisfy their curiosity.  These signs could have either a straight base or a cross spike base for better grip. They are light in weight, which makes portability much easier. In order to protect your sign from severe wind and other adverse conditions, either a sand bag or a water pouch is being put on the leg of the sign.

Regardless for new business these signs become a boon when it comes to spreading the word around. Carpenters, roof repair services, painters, landscapers, and other home improvement consultants put up a sign outside the house for people in the neighborhood to know they are at work. This could be beneficial while attracting potential new customers or retaining old customers. After all the end goal of any business is to be visible and approachable without burning a hole in their pocket!

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