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Motivating and cultivating the employees in the right direction is often a difficult task for the management. When even after persistent trials, the staff does not feel the ownership of work, which is when you know it’s about time to change the company culture. Ensuring staff motivation as a part of company culture, you know there are a few things that follow like a viscous circle. More the job satisfaction, more the fun at work, more efficiency, better results which in turn results in improved motivation of your staff. A handful of tips that can help you get in the circle:

 Driving employee motivationPublicly praise your employees: Identify staff members with stellar performances in their respective areas and recognize their hard work. Give awards, or materialize the rewards for other members of the team to keep striving for more.

In case of a need to talk to low performing candidates, correct them privately. Make sure you keep the surroundings not too intense for them to keep an open mind. By Pareto’s principle you know there are always going to be those bottom 20% of the people striving to get to the rest.

Driving employee motivation - BannerBuzz

Include your staff in the success:When your staff stands by you in the times of need, never forget to include them in your success. Let them know they matter. Your success is a result of their hard work. Sometimes as simple as a small sign that shows gratitude boosts up their morale.

Provide continuous feedback: Employee morale depends a lot on this factor. Together set goals, give credit for a job well done, compliment them whole-heartedly and identify their strengths v/s weaknesses. Sometimes criticism can be taken in a wrong way, don’t worry; just convey the message politely. Any weakness if given enough time can be improved upon. Provide guidance, be a mentor and wait till they overcome their own shortcomings.

Give incentives: More so yes of course, in the end it is all linked to how you materialize their rewards. Tie an incentive to accolades like bonus or gift certificates. Their job may earn them some extra bit through performance driven commission.

Check out this video and summarize the matter above:

After all in the end what matters is a happy asset, more efficiency, leading to better results!! 

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