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Thanksgiving the time of the year when everyone waits to get together with their families and enjoy the big feast, that time of the year when we show gratitude to family, friends, colleagues, community, nature and god. The feeling of gratitude brings with it a lot of humbleness in a being. Give thanks with a big heart and you get a feeling so pure that can never defy happiness.

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A feeling as great that makes us realize of what all do we have now instead of what isn’t. From spreading all the kindness around to counting the blessings you have, gratitude makes you feel content from within. Joy doubles when you express it and it is viral, passes on like a spark. Gratitude can be shown in numerous ways. Show that you care, show that you love someone and fill your loved ones day with pleasure. Show that there is benediction; be thankful to all the veterans and their families for the sacrifice they provide towards our nation in protecting us.

Be thankful to your family for who you are, is all because of them, their support and love for you. Be thankful your friends for they shape what you become. People often say friends you are identified by the friends you keep. Its true! After all you say, think and do like the company you are with. The give the correct advises when in need and empathize with you in every step of your being. Recently Facebook has come up with a fantastic new way of conveying personalized thanks to friends on their timeline. Yes those small expressions do make a difference.

Be thankful to your colleagues for all what you have achieved is also because of the team effort at work. They teach you in subtle ways, whether be it something good to do or at least what not to do. Be thankful to your customers for without them you wouldn’t have a purpose to serve your business. Be thankful to your community, for that is where you have emerged. A feeling of fellowship, sharing common attitudes, interests and goals would not have been possible without you being a part of community. Be thankful to nature for its wonderful being, with which we heal our souls, for the oxygen they provide us (duh-uh its obvious), for the peace and serenity that it fills us with. And last but not the least be thankful to God for being there within us, with us all through out; for the spirit in us, love and unconditional faith that makes us take huge steps with ease. Every morning be thankful to god for each beautiful passing day filled with lots of new opportunities.

At times don’t just give thanks just because we have to, say it because you want to. The transformation in the attitude will be all that matters to that someone close. Come, express, it’s time to give thanks with

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