St. Patrick’s Day: How To Be Seen By Going Green

St. Patrick’s Day is right around the corner and, despite the ongoing pandemic, half of all U.S. adults plan to join in on the celebration. If you’re looking for fun ways to fuel your customers’ festivities and increase your visibility, then you’re in luck. From St. Patrick’s Day specials to eco-friendly promotional materials, there are a multitude of ways your business can be seen by going green. 

The Story Behind St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day is the annual March 17th holiday which celebrates Ireland’s 5th century patron saint, Saint Patrick. What began as a religious feast day for the Irish has morphed into a major international celebration with green-clad parades and leprechaun folklore. Famous festivals are held all over the globe in observance of the holiday from the green-dyed Chicago River to Dublin’s joyous parade. One thing is for certain: people from all walks of life love celebrating the occasion and you don’t need to be Irish to partake in the merry marketing opportunities St. Patrick’s Day presents. 

St. Patty’s Day Promotions

Thanks to the widespread appeal of this lively holiday, there are abundant opportunities for businesses to help their customers celebrate in fun and festive ways. Even during the pandemic, nearly 92% of those who celebrate St. Patrick’s Day plan to make purchases for their merrymaking festivities. Things may not be back to normal just yet, but that doesn’t mean customers are skipping out on ways to adapt their celebrations and enjoy the day. Going green with your promotional materials gives retailers the golden opportunity to increase their visibility and create holiday-themed touchpoints customers will adore.

When creating your St. Patrick’s Day sale strategy, think about the inventory you want to move and find ways to relate those products to your promotions. People love to show off their St. Paddy’s Day inspired looks on social media, so set up a green-themed step & repeat with Irish-themed props for your customers to enjoy trying on. Offer a photo contest on social media with fun hashtags and let your customers be a digital billboard for your business with their user generated content. 

Go green with your menu and offer shamrock shaped baked goods and Irish-inspired specials. Merchandise your green products in a stunning set up near your store’s entrance and use a tabletop banner stand with a fun message to draw customers’ attention to your curated selection. You could even partner with other local businesses and host a scavenger hunt where customers can explore different stores on their quest to find a pot of gold themed prizes. 

Going Green

Extend your green-themed promotions beyond color choice to include actions that are kind to the planet. Show customers you care about your environmental impact with green initiatives. Eco-friendly offerings are a fun and sustainable way to go green this St. Patrick’s Day and there are plenty of ways your business can implement them. According to IBM, 70% of American and Canadian consumers believe it’s important for brands to be sustainable and 9 out of 10 Gen Z customers believe companies are responsible for addressing environmental issues. Thankfully, small changes can have a huge impact on your carbon footprint and gain the approval of your customers. 

St. Patrick’s Day is also the perfect time to launch an eco-friendly initiative that will keep your customers excited about going green even after the festivities end. Lawn care and cleaning companies can join in the holiday fun and launch eco-friendly service options for their customers while hair salons and spas can feature all natural products for customers to purchase. Channel your creativity into finding a sustainable option that’s right for your customers. 

Sustainability Sells

Going green is great for the environment, but did you know it’s also great for business? A recent study by NYU found that products marketed as sustainable grew 5.6 times faster than those that were not. In more than 90% of the CPG categories, sustainability-marketed products experienced a faster growth rate than their conventional equivalents. 

Find ways to market your business operations and products in a sustainable light and you could soon see big returns. Prioritize eco-friendly, cost-conscious alternatives wherever possible like swapping plastic shopping bags for paper or biodegradable options. Restaurants can opt for paper straws, recyclable carry-out containers, and even QR code menus to reduce their carbon footprint. Eco-friendly indoor banners are the perfect way to promote sustainable shopping options in-store and can be used to highlight local brands and organic offerings with promotional discounts.

Getting Customers Involved

Going green gives your customers the opportunity to connect with your business in meaningful ways. St. Patrick’s Day is a great time to get your customers involved with your eco-friendly changes and encourage them to do the same. 

Engage in community outreach and use your storefront to promote environmentally friendly events. Eco-friendly outdoor banners spread the word about clothing drives, recycling initiatives, and sustainability workshops. Promote a St. Paddy’s Day gardening class at your outdoor center or promote discounts for customers who wear green and bring their own reusable shopping bags to your boutique. You could even promote percentage nights and donate a portion of your March 17th sales to green initiatives in your community.

St. Patrick’s Day is a lively holiday with lots of opportunities to build relationships with new customers and offer exciting options to existing ones. Channel your creativity to craft events and promotions your customers will love. From shamrock-themed sales to eco-friendly marketing materials, there are plenty of ways to be seen by going green and involve your business in the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day this year.


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