How to Get Your Banner to Show More Signs of Success

Vinyl banners are one of the most affordable ways to promote your business, but if your banner can’t be seen or read, you are not reaping the full benefits of your investment.

How to Get Your Banner to Show More Signs of Success

Attention-getting design

It starts with your design, which you can easily create yourself on the BannerBuzz website. Choose a color and font type and size for your text that can be read from a distance and stand out against the background color of the banner. Before you begin designing your banner, take a look at the location of where it will be placed. Make sure the color of the banner will pop out from the surrounding area.

Well-traveled location

You will also want to think carefully about where you plan to hang the banner prior to ordering it, since the location will influence the size and type of banner you need. If you can select a location with high traffic – motorists and/or pedestrians – more people will be exposed to your message. You also need to make sure your banner will be visible to the public and not blocked by trees, light poles, traffic lights, high-voltage wires, or buildings.

Proper placement 

Once your banner arrives, it is critical to hang it correctly so it is at the right height and aligned evenly. We offer a variety of fasteners to meet your specific needs:

Bungee cords are one of the most popular and simple ways to hang banners. They are typically used to attach banners to a pole or fence.

Nylon rope also works well for attaching banners to poles and posts. It withstands harsh weather conditions. Nylon rope can be ordered in custom lengths.

Zip ties are the best way to display a banner on a chain link fence. They are inexpensive, yet durable –it takes a wire cutter to remove them.

Wall brackets will be needed if you plan to hang your banner on the side of a building. It will be necessary to drill holes in the wall to install the brackets.

Sky hooks will be needed if you wish to hang your banner on glass or any smooth surface. They contain an adhesive, eliminating the need to drill. Yet they feature incredible holding power. Sky hooks also blend in well, so they won’t detract from your message.

Poles and pole brackets are the option for you if you need to set up your banner on the ground. You’ll get two poles that will display banners up to 30 inches in width, along with two heavy-duty brackets.

Grommets can be requested in metal or clear options. There is no additional charge for metal grommets. You can also order banner clips, which allow you to hang your banner without the need for grommet holes.

If you need help with the design or in choosing the proper accessories for your banner, feel free to contact us for assistance.

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