Backlit Film Printing Vs. Flex Banner Printing

Backlit-Film-Glossy-SolventWhen it comes to attracting people to your business or logo, you need proper signage. Creating images and banners with bright colors, high contrast, and dynamic designs is a sure fire way to get people to stop and pay attention to whatever it is that you’re advertising. With so many different products and services on the market today, it’s hard to know which method of printing is the right one for you. We’ll talk about the differences between two of the most common methods of printing today, backlit film printing and flex banner printing, and the benefits of each one.

Backlit film printing creates stunning images by using a glossy finish on one side and a matted side on the other. The finished product looks as if it were lit from behind, creating a marvelous range of contrast. Using a diffused light source inside of a box, colors and words will pop out at the viewer. You’ll often see backlit film signs at bus stops, airports, and fast food restaurants. They have a nearly three-dimensional quality that turns heads and keeps the eye engaged.

Flex banner printing is one of the most common forms of printing. It digitally prints images and words on flexible pieces of material. It’s commonly used for outdoor events. The durable material is great for withstanding wind, rain, or snow over long periods of time. Natural sunlight is the best way to illuminate the images on the banner. Flex banner printing is a low cost, readily available form of printing. Its versatile and stretchy qualities make it great for all sorts of occasions.

When comparing flex banner printing to backlit film printing, you’re really comparing day to night. Traditional flex banner printing doesn’t hold a candle to the dynamic range of light and color that you see in backlit film printing. Flex banners look considerably more flat and two-dimensional than backlit film banners and signs. However, backlit film printing can be more expensive and depends on a light source to bring out its rich tones and sharp contrast, while flex banners functions without electricity. If you plan on printing dozens of signs and banners for an outdoor event or a one-time special occasion, flex banner printing might be the way to go. If you’re designing a large indoor banner or sign to attract new customers to your business, backlit film printing creates the type of dazzling image that will always get people’s attention.

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