5 Reasons Why You Should Utilize Window Decals & Graphics for Your Business

If your business has a storefront, there’s an important question you have to consider: can you turn passersby into customers using window decals? These vinyl stickers can be applied to your store windows and used to inform shoppers of exciting offers, new stock, or even to display engaging copy.

An Exciting Future with Window Graphics

Investing in graphics for windows has become an increasingly popular means of reaching potential customers. Sometimes all it takes to convert a passerby into a customer is a large, well-designed decal placed at a key location on your store window. Once they enter the store, it’s up to your employees, products, and in-store signage to do the rest.

Window decals or window clings are another efficient way of advertising your business. They use static to stick to windows and are not only easy to place and remove, they can be used again and again, year after year. The best part is that they work well for both commercial and retail establishments.

With their innovative design, quality content, and stimulating artwork, these types of window graphics can compliment your business and increase brand awareness or give your office a nice finishing touch.

Awareness, Consideration and Decision

Think of window decals as the first step in your sales funnel. Attracting more customers not only brings in more revenue, but also helps to keep you ahead of all your competitors.

Are you still unsure about using window clings? Here are five reasons why you should invest:

  • Impactful Business Promotion

A window decal is a cost-effective way to promote your business that delivers results. It’s the ideal tool to reach out to customers and potential customers with information not only on sales and limited-time deals but also holiday promotions, in-store promotions, or any other exciting new things happening at your store.

Just like decals, clings are lso multi-purpose and can be used on various surfaces to achieve the same results. And why limit them to just the windows? You can place them on your business vehicles to increase visibility and turn them into moving billboards. One study found that mobile advertising generates 2.5 times more interest than static billboards, so your odds of increasing revenue are definitely on the go. 

  • Stand Apart From Your Competitors

If you’re running a store in a major commercial area with significant competition, you need every way to distinguish yourself that you can find. Clings and decals afford the opportunity create unique marketing collateral that positions your store as a place to get something that they might not get anywhere else.

  • Earn Brand Recognition With Window Decals

Brand recognition is vital. When your customers associate certain taglines or logos with your business, it builds confidence and encourages customers to invest in building a shopping relationship with you. Explore different strategies for engaging customers and creating meaningful and action-oriented content that makes an impact.

Clings for windows help achieve that. Include your logo, slogans, contact details, and your website address – all on a decal or cling. It creates a lasting impression. In fact, creating this type of consistent brand with exciting content delivers results far in excess of what most business owners realize. For retailers vying for customer attention, decals and clings can play an integral role in those branding efforts being a resounding success. 

  • Add Protection To Your Glass Windows

There is no denying that operating a retail store has its own risks. Chances are that some unfortunate accident could cause your window to break. When that happens, the glass could shatter, potentially injuring your employees and shoppers.

Having a full-size window cling offers protection against such occurrences. If your window breaks, it will act as a safety mechanism, potentially holding the broken glass pieces together to prevent them from shattering all over your store.  

  • Ensure Customer Privacy With Window Clings

For many businesses such as banks, clinics, and lending institutions, privacy is a major concern. Customers don’t want any walking traffic to see any sensitive or personal information that is being handled inside.

Large-scale opaque window decals provide discretion for your business environment. By effectively preventing outsiders from looking in, you can carry out confidential transactions and consultations while also advertising your services to other potential customers. 

  • Tying Up Loose Ends

Transparent window decals are the perfect way to advertise your business without spending on additional advertising space. In addition to the benefits mentioned above, opaque opaque window clings also offer protection from UV light. If you’re in a budget crunch, they can also take the place of outdoor advertisement, saving you from additional city permits. 

Clings and decals can be custom-made to fit windows of any size. You can print whatever message or image you like on the decals, making them versatile and targeted. They are also very easy to install. You won’t need any additional equipment or personnel. 

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