Cold Weather Out Of The House Advertising Ideas: Get Noticed When You Use Magnetic Signs To Build An Identity For Your Brand

When it comes to advertising, there may be instances when you want to put a sign on your business’ car, trailer, storefront or any other surface temporarily, and magnetic signs are the perfect solution for this. 

They are a great way to help you advertise and build an identity for your brand. Magnetic sign boards give your brand a very professional image every time they are displayed in public, at your store, or on your car’s surface to share your logo, message, and important contact information wherever you go.

Read on to know more about some useful ideas for your cold-weather OOH campaigns with magnetic signs.

Windproof Advertising Ideas

When you’re seeking a new way to build awareness about your business or exploring on-the-go advertising ideas, using personalized car magnets for your vehicles is a great way to offer quick and effective marketing. 

Durable, windproof and weather-resistant, these magnetic signs can be excellent tools to advertise your business and allow your products to be noticed by pedestrians and motorists. They are also easy to use and a great option if you wish for your business to have a consistent, branded look across multiple vehicles, including cars, trucks, or vans.

Make Your OOH Displays Pop

To make an impact with magnetic signs and attract visitors, make sure to spruce up your OOH (out-of-home or outdoor advertising) displays. The idea is to use magnetic signs in a way that should hold your target audiences’ attention and keep them engaged. 

To ensure you reach the maximum number of people, the signs should be placed so that the caption and logo are easily readable. Other important aspects for OOH displays include quality graphics made from high-resolution images, easy-to-read fonts, and clear and concise messaging. You can enhance the visibility of your signs by placing custom flags nearby. This placement lets the flag’s movement catch a person’s eye and the vibrant design of your sign will alert them to your message.  

Roadside Marketing

Vehicle magnetic signs are also an excellent way to reach the masses, as they give you a great medium to attract people. Businesses of all sizes rely on magnetic signs for roadside marketing and to help promote their brands while on the road. These signs allow you to transform a vehicle into a rolling advertisement within seconds and let you spread the word about your product anywhere you drive or park. 

These vehicle magnets are the best way to advertise your business if you have a company fleet or delivery service. If you are a handy person, offer cleaning services, or simply want to expand your outreach, an inexpensive car sign can be a powerful marketing tool for your business.

The Case for Decals

Car decals are another excellent way of either showing support for a cause or simply making your brand known to the world. Whether you want to promote your business’ products or service or looking to up your style quotient by giving your car a custom look, car decals and car flags are great tools that can be used to add gorgeous graphics to your vehicle. 

In addition to car decals, window or floor decals can be excellent additions to your advertising tools. Like magnetic signs, adhesive decals have great staying power, making them an excellent choice for wind proof outdoor marketing or resilient in-store advertising. 

Magnetic Signs for Your Storefront

Magnetic signs are also ideal for a wide variety of storefronts and offer a distinct appeal that’s essential for your business. They are versatile signage solutions for marketing promotions, point-of-purchase displays, and other retail environments. The key is to make them as visible as possible to your target audience.  

Another advantage of magnetic signs is that they offer an excellent option to create a consistent, branded look across storefronts, cars or vans. They can be easily removed, repositioned and transferred back from one surface to another without leaving behind any kind of residue or causing damage to the signage themselves.

You’re OOH Strategy

Building and expanding a brand is easier than ever before thanks to durable materials and cost-effective printing services. If you’re looking for an effective and budget-friendly advertising solution for your business, magnetic signs are the perfect choice. 

Magnetic signage and decals are ideal for cold or windy climates where outdoor banners or flags may get blown away or tear. These items, on the other hand, are designed to stick to surfaces so you can place your signage on metal benches, car doors, storefront window frames and more. 

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