How To Start Using Car Decals

Using car decals is the one of the easiest and cheapest ways to advertise your business. If you use a company van, truck or car, placing a custom car decal on the side is like investing in a moving billboard. People are usually bored when they’re stuck in traffic or racing along the highway. We tend to notice any and everything as it passes by. A bright, elegant car decal will turn heads and generate a collective interest and curiosity in your company. Keep reading and find out how to start using car decals to advertise your business.

You can start by creating a custom car decal that tells the public about your business. Combine your company’s logo, name and a short list of your featured products and services so people know what you’re selling. You can easily upload your custom artwork at or design your car decal online. Before you commit, make sure that your decal will fit on your car. Measure the vehicle in question, either on the side, back or on the windows, and order the correct size.

You should also take the color of your car into consideration. Make sure that you order the right color decal to get the most out of your latest advertising venture. If you have a black car, white text with a splash of bright color would work nicely. If you’re working with a white or brightly colored car, try a black decal with a matte finish.

Once you have your new vinyl car decal, putting it on should be cinch. As your first step, you need to clean the area of the car where you plan to place the decal. Make sure that you dry your car thoroughly. Next, measure the entire area where you plan to put the car decal and find the center point. Peel off the back of the decal and apply it carefully to your car, working from the center out. Be sure to flatten and smooth out any bumps or bubbles in the car decal as you go along.

If you’re worried about the car decal ruining the surface of your car, have no fear. Car decals are specially made so they don’t do damage to your car’s paint job or leave any unwanted scuffs or unsightly residue. Car decals are also designed so that they won’t wear off when you’re washing your car. Moisture and soap won’t be a problem, but any scrubbing and rubbing should be done with extra care so that you don’t damage your new car decal.

Lastly, removing the decal won’t be a problem. Simply hold a mild heat source such as a blow dryer or a heat lamp over the decal. The heat loosens the adhesive that binds the decal to your car. Once it’s hot enough, the decal will peel right off.

Step up your advertising game and reach millions of people with custom car decals. It’s one of the easiest ways to attract new customers to your business. Every time you get in your car and go for a drive, people will become more aware of your business and what you’re selling. A quick look is all it takes for someone to remember your name.


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