How to Remove a Wrinkle from a Vinyl Banner

If you use vinyl banners or have a ton of them locked up in storage, then chances are that they have become extremely wrinkly. No one likes to look at that but the good news is that those lines can be smoothed out easily enough. The following steps need to be followed when you take crumpled banners out to use and wish to remove wrinkles from them:

How to Remove a Wrinkle from a Vinyl Banner

Clean thoroughly

The first thing you need to do is clean the banner thoroughly. All those days away from the sun will have washed it out and made it dusty. If it is slightly dirty, just wipe off excess dirt with a clean and soft cloth but if it is soiled heavily, then wash it in a mixture of soap and water. Rinse with clean water afterwards and see it shine like new. Please be cautious of using harsh detergents; they can damage the material.

Store Properly

Even though custom vinyl banners are extremely durable, they can get damaged if they are not stored properly. This can happen if you decide to fold them and then place them in a cupboard, your attic, the basement etc. Besides getting dirty, the fold will cause creases and lines that may be impossible to smooth out if the banners are not used on a regular basis.

You can prevent this from happening by rolling them up and then placing them wherever you need and out of the heat and light of the sun. Also make sure there are no heating vents or a furnace near them. Plus either store them in a box or better yet, use the packaging they came in.

Use the Sun

Before hanging an old banner, smooth out any wrinkles by placing it out in the sun. The heat will do wonders for this. You can also use a hair dryer, an iron or a hot, wet cloth to do the same. However, once it gets wet, use the iron (on medium) to steam iron stubborn wrinkles out and the banner will be good as new once again.

Important Notes

  • Please make sure to take care when using hot items on that delicate material. For one thing make sure the iron does not come in direct contact with the vinyl. Vinyl burns easily and if the iron does touch it, the banner can get damaged beyond repair. To be safe, check the temperature on a piece of cloth or another piece of vinyl before using it on the banner.
  • Dry the wet banner with a soft and dry cloth.
  • Do not fold the banner; roll it instead when not in use.
  • Store away from the sunlight and away from heating vents. The garage or attic will do just fine for this.

Even though you can easily get vinyl banners from BannerBuzz, you can make use of old banners you got from us as well by taking care of them properly. Here’s a link with step by step instructions on one of the processes.

Refer below for a visual step by step process to remove those wrinkles.

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