How Does a Retractable Banner Work: 5 Tips to Set Up Your Space

With the start of the new fall season, it’s time to set your sights to holiday preparations. As you prepare for the upcoming busy season, remember that mundane merchandising could hurt your sales potential. Elevate your inventory and give your marketing efforts a boost with the help of a retractable banner stand. Keep reading to learn some sale-boosting tips for setting up your space.

What is a Retractable Banner?

As a business owner, you’re probably familiar with traditional banners and signs. However, you may be new to the idea of retractable banner advertising. A retractable banner stand is a convenient way to advertise your business or products.

Retractable banner stands are lightweight and easy to set up. Basically, the product comes with everything you need to set up your banners. The aluminum base makes the product light enough to travel to any of your outdoor marketing events and sturdy enough to boost your brand’s awareness throughout the holiday season.

Retractable banners are typically 24 inches wide and stand 85 to 92 inches tall. The product’s size makes it a great addition to any entrance or product demonstration table. You can fully customize your retractable banners to take your event marketing efforts to the next level.

Steps for Set-Up

The set-up and breakdown process for a retractable banner is very easy. Each retractable banner should come with a base, a three-piece pole, and the actual banner. First, lay these pieces out on a flat surface then remove the plastic end pieces from both sides of the upper beam. Gently pull the locking lip of the upper beam, gently pull the banner up and attach both pieces.

Next, close the beam tip to secure the banner graphic in place and re-attach the plastic end pieces to the upper beam. Attach Velcro straps to the bottom of the banners back and then peel off the chrome end cap. Remove the screw underneath the base’s chrome end and detach it. Hold the banner graphic firmly as you pull out the retaining pin and put it into the cover.

Allow the banner to recoil into the base then carefully reattach the chrome ends. Unfold the three-piece pole and fit the pieces together until it is perfectly straight. Slide the bottom of the pole into the socket located at the base of the banner stand. Raise the banner and hook it into the rear slot of the top banner beam. Now your retractable banner stand is ready for use.

Consider This

Displaying a retractable banner for prolonged periods might lead to weakened springs responsible for providing tension to the unfurled banner. To avoid the weakening of the strings, you must not use a retractable banner stand as a permanent display. It is advisable to use a retractable banner stand at events/trade fairs, where you only use it as a display sign for a certain period and then retract it after.

After you finish your brand exhibition, simply disassemble the banner and place it back into the portable storage bag that came with it. This simple step keeps your banners strong, vibrant, and usable for many seasons to come.

Advertise Anywhere

Retractable banners are lightweight, so they are perfect for your mobile marketing initiatives. These banners add height and professionalism to your events, conferences, product demonstrations, and promotions. With fully customizable design options, you can generate higher foot traffic and increase brand awareness from practically anywhere.

Most companies use retractable banners as a means of mobile advertising since they can be easily set up and stored away until you need to reuse them. You can use retractable banners for both indoor and outdoor advertising. These banners work well with feather flags and table covers to create a uniquely-branded merchandise display.

Easy to Store

When you purchase a retractable banner, these items come with a portable storage bag for you to place all items inside. The banner stand’s base and poles are made from lightweight aluminum and the banner is made of PVC flex material. Both of these materials are easy to transport yet incredibly durable.

Once your event is over, simply breakdown your banner stand and store your three-piece pole and banner stand inside the storage bag. The banner itself retracts back into the base for a quick breakdown process. These banners compress to a small size one person can easily carry and store in a car, storage closet, or underneath a table.

Add More Visual Elements

Custom retractable banners help you market your products with visually striking graphics and vivid colors. Banner graphics let you portray your product creatively and in a way that relates to the customers. Place a retractable banner stand next to a branded table cover and pop-up displays for a professional-looking set up. These visual enhancements will catch each customer’s eye.

Get A Stand, Make A Statement

Retractable banner stands are a great way to promote your business in-store or on-the-go. Add height and visual appeal to your holiday merchandise when you print promotional messages on these stands and place them next to inventory. This strategy will deliver the sale-boosting results you need for in-store advertising and holiday events alike.

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