Read This Before You Order Your Business Cards

Business cards have come a long way, baby.

From plain rectangles with black and white ink stating your name, contact info, and business logo to squares, circles, folded, and every shape, size, and color in between – the modern business card is fresh.

Let’s take a look at some of your options and which one might work best for you, because not everyone will fare well with a flashy, quirky-shaped business card. There is always a place for the traditional way, especially in the business world. We’ll start there, with the classic card.

Traditional Business Cards

Glossy or Matte, full-color or black and white? Whatever you choose, standard business cards are shaped to fit inside a standard-sized wallet. BannerBuzz offers 14pt all the way to 17pt cardstock and any graphic you’d like to use, or you can opt for a template and work from there. Thes standard cards are great for more traditional personalities and entities, work best in the corporate world, and for attorneys, academics, and accountants. But really they will work well for anyone who appreciates a classic look and would like their business cards to fit into a wallet for safekeeping.

Die-Cut Business Cards

The die-cut card is perfect if you want to branch out a bit from the classic style, but aren’t quite ready for anything too far out there. These have one rounded corner, and will still fit inside a standard wallet. Die-cut cards are popular among fashion designers, clothing retailers, and artists. They look contemporary, stylish, and classic all at the same time.

Folded Business Cards

Folded cards are excellent if you want to create more of a mini-presentation about yourself and your work. They offer more space for text and images because they are literally two-in-one cards – folded, you get twice the space. And they don’t necessarily take up more space inside a wallet or card case; they just add a bit more thickness. Go for these if you really want to stand out and offer more information on your card than just a name and address. We happen to think they’re pretty cool.

Slim Business Cards
Slim cards are exactly that- slimmer versions of the standard. These are visually more elegant, and for that reason have come to be much beloved by designers. BannerBuzz offers slim business cards in the exact same cardstock as the standard version, as well as templates, font and color options, and the ability to upload your own artwork. The only downside to the slim card, is some people might find them easier to lose as they shift around inside a case or wallet, but that’s something a bold color choice might fix! If you have your eye on a slim design, we say GO FOR IT.

Square Business Cards

Ah, the square business card. You either love it or hate it, and rarely is there an in-between. That’s because square cards can be considered both modern, stylish and fun as well as a pain to fit in a wallet or card case. This is really a personal preference, and there is no market research (we’re aware of) that says a square card will make or break your business. In fact, despite the fact they are awkward for most wallets, they look great on a fridge and in other spots, and the person you hand a square card to may just remember you all the more for it if they have our card out in front of them instead of stuffed inside a wallet.

Whatever card you find best fits your personal style and business, we can help you create it and get it shipped to your doorstep.

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