Do you need a business card and what to put on your business card?

The answer is simple and straightforward- if you are in a business, you definitely need a business card. It is a marketing material that comes in handy with your business. From local conferences to business events and exhibitions, business cards are a great way to hand over your business details, products, and services details and your contact information. These small yet powerful business tools can help you reach out to a bigger audience in less time. But does every business card get noticed by the person you hand it over to or does it land under a pile of papers or so? This is where understanding what to put on your card comes into play.

So what really should you put on your business card?

There are a lot of things you can put on your card, it’s important to understand your goals to identify just what needs to go in there. Defining your outreach goals is crucial. Knowing the purpose of getting a business card in the first place is the most important thing. To achieve that, ask yourself a few questions like:

Do you want more customers?
Are you looking to brand your business?
Is your business service your main focus?
Do you need more business orders?
Is it better brand opportunities you are looking for?

Understanding what your purpose is will guide you through a perfect card that will help you get closer to your set goals. And don’t hesitate to have more than 1 goal. It’s your business. It’s up to you to decide all that you want to churn out of it.

However, there are a few obvious for your card, which includes:

Your Name & Title. The very first thing that they need to know is your identity. They need to know who you are. Use your business name rather than going for your nicknames etc. People need to know you by the name you are called in the business. Also, don’t forget to add your title. Let them know where you fit in the business hierarchy. Are you the owner, boss, sales representative, event manager, communications lead, marketing head, blogger, social media expert, etc.

Your Website URL. To yield the most out of your online business, including your website URL is a must. Skip the HTTP:// to save the space. The browser will do that for you automatically. What if you only have an offline business? Skip this part and add your offline business address. But it only pays to have an online presence of your brick and mortar business.

Your Email. If email is your preferred mode of contact, then you just can’t miss getting it printed on your business card. Even if it’s not your preferred mode of communication, it might be for a few others. So, make sure it’s on there!

Apart from these three must-haves, you can use your picture, phone number, social media handles, past projects/clients, business highlights, a tagline to represent you or your business. Be as creative as you can but keep it crisp and short.

Now comes the question: How to make your card look unique?

This is where the shapes, colors, styles, printing techniques, and quality of business card stock, expert design help, and professional printing service comes into the picture. There are endless possibilities when it comes to defining shape or style for your custom business card. You can choose rounded corner business cards, embossed business cards, die-cut shape cards, die-cut pop business custom cards, foil stamping cards, folded cards, slim cards, to plastic business cards, etc. There is so much to choose from based on your business marketing needs. Before you choose a printing method, style, colors, or shape of your card, make sure it relates to your brand, business theme, products/services. Since personalized business cards are a direct representation of what you and your business are about, it needs to be in sync with your business.

If you still have difficulties figuring which card would work best for your business. Take help from a professional printing manufacturer who has good experience in printed business cards. We at BannerBuzz have also been offering such services for over two decades with expert design assistance for all those who get stuck at the designing part or need the inspiration to get started with card designing and printing needs. The best part? We are currently offering 100 free standard business cards. If you wish to learn more about it, please feel free to visit

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